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This is the Ultimate Small Apartment Hack

Aug 24th, 2018

Flexibility is important when it comes to living comfortably in a small space. You need the freedom to move furnishings around and not be restricted to a single layout. The easiest way to achieve this while saving space in a small apartment is to put your furniture on wheels!

This is a popular interior design trend in modern and contemporary apartment homes. Adding wheels keeps the look of your furniture, but makes it more functional and versatile. There are no rules when it comes to movable furniture. You can put wheels on just about anything.

This is the ultimate small space storage hack that will revolutionize your apartment.

The wheels

Some household items already come with wheels installed, but it can be hard to find the perfect piece of furniture that fits your style and is already on wheels. Household caster wheels—like these—can withstand up to 150 pounds. They have the ability to lock in place, so you can position your furniture in any area within your home without the worry of it moving around. Casters have a clean look, are quiet when in motion and easy to install. Utilizing caster wheels is an easy way for you to build your very own portable furniture.

Large furniture

Putting your kitchen island, tables, wardrobe or coffee table on wheels makes it simple to move larger pieces of furniture—opening up a ton of space. You can add caster wheels to your current furniture or buy a mobile-ready piece, like this kitchen island with added storage and prep-space.

Utility carts

Multi-purpose utility carts are perfect for any small space. Many carts—like this one—have multiple shelves that are adjustable in height, making them useful for a bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, office or kitchen. These utility carts are great as extra storage while fitting into tight spaces. They are also perfect for entertaining and make it easy to have a drink and snack stand in the middle of your party.


Office and dining room chairs are often built with casters attached, such as this swivel office chair, but you can always add wheels to any chair that has been built sturdy enough. Adding caster wheels to the chairs in your apartment gives you the ability to easily move them around on carpeted or hard floors. This is ideal when you need more seating in one area of your home as you can easily move your office chair or dining room chairs into a different room to accommodate your guests.

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