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Tips for Apartment Trick-or-Treating with Your Family

Oct 23rd, 2012

Traditional Halloween nights generally consist of children dressing up in costumes, such as princesses, monsters and ghouls, lugging their bags full of candy from house to house. However, for families living in apartments a traditional night of trick-or-treating doesn’t always mean having to leave the neighborhood. Here are some helpful tips make sure that your children share a fun filled Halloween experience in the comfort of your Amli apartment! Getting Started It’s not as common for apartments to participate in typical Halloween activities, so make sure you inform your property manager of any plans to organize an apartment wide trick-or-treat event. Create a notice that the manager can spread to other residents encouraging them to be involved. Don’t forget to leave your contact information and hours the event will be taking place to ensure everyone is informed. If your building has a bulletin board post flyers on it, or you can even tape some flyers on your door and your friend’s doors to help spread the word. Make Sure to Decorate Nothing says Halloween like decorations! For a Halloween inspired door, get your whole family together to decorate your door in creepy themes or cover the door with construction paper and let each person draw their favorite Halloween pictures. This doesn’t only get everyone into the spooky holiday spirit, but it helps kids know that they’re welcome to stop by as they continue their trick-or-treat route. For those that don’t want to go all out but still want to participate, decorate your apartment door with dark flowers, fall foliage, or a fall themed wreath. Remember, if your doorway has a light, turn it on the night of the event to let everyone know that you are participating! Be Responsible On the night of Halloween, go through this quick checklist to make sure everything runs smoothly. Keep any pets in a different room, cage, or distance from the apartment entrance so they don’t attempt to run away or startle any children. Help parents breathe easy by only offering pre-packaged treats. Also, don’t let any children inside your apartment unless you know the parents. Trick or Treat Before you let the little monsters out for some trick-or-treat fun set some basic ground rules. For older children, set a reasonable curfew and remind them not to enter any other apartments. If you’re joining younger children try letting them walk ahead as you watch carefully from down the hall. This gives them a sense of freedom while still letting you keep a close eye on them. When the night is over check over the treats your children have collected and throw any that are open or could potentially trigger any food allergies. Who said that Halloween is only for houses? You can still have a howling Halloween in your Amli apartment! Follow these steps to create an unforgettable apartment Halloween your family, and maybe for everyone else in your Amli complex! Don’t forget the most important rules of all; have a fun, safe, and spooky Halloween!

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