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Tips for Washing Windows and Walls

Jun 29th, 2017

You might not love washing windows and walls, but these deep cleaning chores can make the difference between a neat apartment and a sparkling clean living space. Tend to spills and other messes as soon as they’re made, and you shouldn’t need to wash your walls more than once or twice a year. Windows should be washed about twice as frequently. If your windows and walls could use a good cleaning now, set aside a block of time this upcoming weekend to do so. And follow these tips while you’re at it. If your windows and walls are spot- and grime-free, bookmark this blog post and return to it when the time comes.

Gather your materials

In order to properly clean your walls and windows, you need the right cleaning equipment. For your walls, you’ll need a broom, vacuum with broom attachment, two buckets, soap, a dust cloth, and a towel. For your windows, you’ll need a rag or newspaper, a butter knife, toothbrush, baking soda, and vinegar. A drop cloth can help protect your floors during both cleaning jobs.

Wash walls when the weather is nice

If your walls are dirty, you should wash them. If they’re not, wait until a weekend when the weather outside is pleasant. Your walls will dry faster if you can open a window or two in your apartment to assist with the drying process. If you have an annual spring cleaning ritual, add washing walls to your regimen.

Protect your floors

A drop cloth is included under materials in the interest of protecting your floors from soapy water. Keep your bucket over the cloth, and run the cloth up against the lower edges of your wall to catch any water that runs off of them.

Be methodical

When washing walls and windows, it is crucial to carry out certain steps before others. Lay down the drop cloth before you set down a bucket filled with soapy water and start cleaning your walls, for instance. Where windows are concerned, clean screens and window tracks before cleaning glass. Screens should be popped out, thoroughly rinsed with water, and air dried completely before being popped back in. While screens are drying, clean window tracks using a butter knife. This is where the baking soda and vinegar also come in. Sprinkle the tracks with baking soda, drizzle a little vinegar over it, and let the chemical reaction between the two work its magic for ten or so minutes before brushing clean.

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