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Keep your bathroom tidy with these tips
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Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Clean and Organized

Sep 16th, 2016

You’ve seen what one may call “bathroom mayhem.” There’s not enough space on the bathroom counter for you to set down your contact case. The shower has too many shampoo bottles, razors, and beauty products. The toilet looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a month, probably because it hasn’t been.

For a relatively small space, a bathroom can get a lot of use. Maintaining order in a bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult, but it requires a regular cleaning schedule and proper storage space for your toiletries and cleaning supplies. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your apartment bathroom sparkling clean at all times.

Keep standalones to a minimum

Every item in your bathroom deserves a place, but very few items deserve a place of their own. Individual toiletries, standing on a countertop or stuffed in a drawer, generate clutter. And cleaning your bathroom is a much more daunting task when you have dozens or hundreds of items to pick up and clean around. Use bins, baskets, and organizers that provide you with a designated place for your bathroom essentials but help you keep things tidy.

Sort by use

When finding a home for your toiletries, make sure items you use every day are highly accessible. Store products and tools you use less frequently further back, in harder-to-reach places.

Stack smart

If space is at a premium in your bathroom, consider installing a floating shelf above the toilet and vertical shelving anywhere else it makes sense. To further optimize horizontal space, pick up stackable bins or baskets to use for storing toiletries. Wicker baskets add a nice aesthetic touch, and can conceal just about anything.

Favor utilitarian decor

Candles, wall art, and other decor contribute to a bathroom’s aesthetic. Unless space is severely limited, you’ll have room for a few decorative elements that serve no other purpose. Wherever possible, however, integrate purposeful decor into your apartment bathroom. DIY projects like this ball jar storage pallet from the Skinny Meg blog are inexpensive, easy to construct, and effective.

Adopt a cleaning schedule

You should clean your apartment bathroom regularly and thoroughly. If you live with roommates and keep a weekly rotating cleaning schedule, make sure whoever’s on bathroom duty keeps up with his or her responsibilities. Otherwise, tidy up and wipe down surfaces daily and conduct a deeper clean once per week. Your bathroom shouldn’t have the chance to get dirty if you make cleaning a priority.

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