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4 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

May 23rd, 2019

Plastic is everywhere.

It’s in our computers and phones and furniture, the bags we take home from the store and the bottles we drink out of. No matter how hard we try, it seems almost impossible to avoid plastic completely. And unfortunately, it’s become a growing issue each year.

According to Greenpeace, more than “8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced since the 1950s” and only 9 percent of all plastic is being recycled. That’s right, 9 percent. The other 91 percent either gets burned or enters landfills that are negatively impacting our environment. Luckily, there are ways that we can work to avoid creating unnecessary waste in our apartments, and it goes farther than just recycling.

Below, we’ve curated a list of creative and unique ways to reuse plastic bottles, transforming ordinary objects into ones better than their original use.

Bird feeder

For those of you living in an area where the birds are always chirping, we recommend using your plastic bottles to create a unique and customized bird feeder. Not only will these be cheaper than the ones you would purchase elsewhere, but your bird friends are sure to love them! All you’ll need is an empty plastic bottle, twine, a couple of pencils, a washer, glue and a utility knife. Here’s how to build it:

  1. After rinsing out and drying your plastic bottle, use a utility knife to poke a hole both at the bottom of the container, as well as in the cap. Continue by cutting holes on the sides of the bottle, ranging anywhere from 0.5-1 inch in diameter.
  2. Directly beneath the feeding holes that you’ve just created, poke a small hole to filter your pencil through. Although we recommend a pencil, you can use anything that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your bird friends! Once you’ve got your pencils in place, use glue to surround the protrusion and hold the pencil in place.
  3. Next, cut your twine between 1 and 2 feet long and tie one end to your washer. Feed the free end of the twine in through the bottom of your bottle that you already created a hole in. Continue feeding the hole out through the top of the cap before closing tightly. Tie a knot to keep it in place.
  4. Add birdseed and hang your feeder wherever you would like. Now, the only thing left to do is wait for your feathery friends!

Storage containers

If you’re in need of more storage space in your kitchen or living room, simply utilize the plastic you already have lying around your house instead of heading out to purchase something. Making repurposed containers with your old bottles is both fun and simple—and is sure to save you money.

All you need are two different bottle sizes, one large and one small, to act as both the base and cover. From here, you can store food items such as sugar, salt, noodles and rice—or, office supplies such as pens, pencils and paper clips.

Watering cans

Why go out and pay for a plastic watering can, when you already have all the necessary supplies surrounding you? Grab a large jug of your choosing—we recommend a gallon milk jug or laundry detergent, and rinse thoroughly. From there, poke holes into the top of the cap and fill with water. Voila! Our only other step? Peeling off the labels, so you’re neighbors don’t think you’re watering your flowers with milk.

Piggy banks

Not only is reusing your plastic a great way to help the environment, it’s also a fun way to get your kids involved and keep them entertained! The next time a rainy day passes through and inhibits you from enjoying the great outdoors, sit down for some arts and crafts.

Plastic bottles make for great piggy banks and are fun to make! Play around with your creativity by painting your plastic bottle, adding rhinestones, incorporating glitter… you catch the drift. Then, simply cut a hole in the top large enough to fit your coins, and get to saving!

Hopefully, we’ve given you enough ideas to spark your imagination and create some fun DIY projects for your apartment. Simply setting aside time for ways to reuse plastic bottles is a guaranteed way to reduce the amount of waste that enters and leaves your home, and serves as a fun and easy way to unwind and de-stress. Roll up your sleeves and get to crafting!

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Krystyna is a freelance writer from New Hampshire.

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