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WiFi Cameras for Renters
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WiFi Cameras for Renters

Mar 4th, 2016

While a select few apartments may have a home monitoring system built-in that a renter can choose to activate through a third-party for a fee, most do not. But don’t worry. Because of the explosion of high-resolution, wireless WiFi cameras in the market today, there are many options for those looking to keep a watchful eye on their home while away.

High-Res WiFi Cameras

Until recently, installing cameras in your home would have taken a professional crew…and way too many nails and screws for apartment walls! Today, wide lens webcams can easily be set up without the toolbox and function well as a monitoring system. They can also be configured so you can log in remotely with your own smartphone and see first-hand that all is quiet at home. The market for this type of camera is rapidly growing, which has driven down costs and resulted in a proliferation of options, from high-resolution to facial recognition to night vision.

As for looks, some are more traditionally camera-like (Nest Cam), while others blend in like a beautiful accessory (Withings Home). With features as diverse as these, it’s no wonder most parents are choosing to ditch the baby monitors of the past for these high-tech toys.

Smart Home Monitoring Systems

The perfect complement to an HD camera like the ones above is a smart motion sensor (e.g., Canary, iSmartAlarm, or Piper Home Security). When motion is detected, this smart home monitoring system will alert you instantly on your phone and some will even automatically start recording video. While the majority of these alerts may just be your dog chasing his tail, the device may still provide some peace of mind. You’ll know exactly what’s going on at home no matter how far away you are.

We all have different reasons for wanting a home monitoring system. Perhaps you suspect your house cleaner is eating your food or that your kids are watching too much television when you’re gone. Or maybe you’re a new parent and want to be able to check in on your little one from your cubicle at work. Whatever the reason, there are so many affordable, smart gadgets these days that there’s no reason to deny your inner spy.

Please note that AMLI does not endorse any of these products but provides this information to assist you in your research into WiFi cameras and other home monitoring systems. 

Have you recently invested in a WiFi camera? Share your experience in the comments!

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