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Best WFH Gadgets & Accessories for Apartments

Jun 28th, 2024

Working from home in your apartment has become increasingly common, and while it offers flexibility and convenience, it also requires creating a dedicated workspace that fosters productivity and well-being.

Whether you're carving out a corner of your living room or setting up a spare bedroom as your home office, equipping yourself with the right tools and accessories can make all the difference.  From ergonomic furniture to tech essentials, let's dive in and discover how to optimize your workspace for peak performance!

13 essential work-from-home items for apartments

Ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair is a type of desk chair designed to provide optimal comfort and support for your body during extended periods of sitting. This is especially crucial in a home office environment where you might be working for hours on end! 

Unlike a traditional chair, ergonomic chairs typically have features like adjustable lumbar support, armrests and seat height to help maintain good posture and reduce strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. They often come in mesh or breathable materials to prevent overheating. 

There are ergonomic chairs designed for different budgets and needs, with some offering headrests, reclining options and even built-in massagers! You can find ergonomic chairs at most office supply stores, furniture stores or online retailers like Amazon or Wayfair.

Speakers & camera

Investing in a quality speaker and camera setup can significantly enhance your video conferencing experience in your home office. Good speakers will ensure you can hear colleagues and clients clearly during calls, while a high-definition camera allows you to present yourself professionally.  

There are two main options for speakers: a soundbar or a headset. Soundbars offer good sound quality for calls and can also double for playing music or videos, while headsets are a good option if you need to keep noise levels down in your home office or if privacy is a concern. Cameras can be built-in to your laptop or monitor, but if the quality is poor, a separate USB webcam can be purchased to provide a sharper image. Quality speakers, webcams and headsets can all be found at electronics stores and online retailers.

Standing desk

Combat back pain and boost energy levels with a standing desk. These desks allow you to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday, promoting better posture and improved circulation. Choose from manual crank or electric models — depending on your preference and budget — while some standing desks even offer converter shelves that transform your existing sitting desk into a standing one! Just be sure to consider the height range and weight capacity of the desk before purchasing. 

Wireless mouse & keyboard

Say goodbye to cable chaos! No cables means a clean, organized workspace, plus no more worrying about cords snaking across your desk or getting tangled up in your chair. 

Wireless options also free you up from being tethered to your computer, giving you more flexibility in how you position yourself throughout the workday. Most wireless mice and keyboards connect to your computer with a tiny USB receiver, but some newer models use Bluetooth for an even sleeker setup. They’re easy to find at electronics stores and online retailers, so you’ll have no problem finding one that suits your setup best..

Portable monitor

A portable monitor is a secondary display that can be easily connected to your laptop or desktop computer, extending your screen real estate. This is a great way to boost your productivity in a home office, library or co-working space with limited space. 

Portable monitors are typically lightweight and slim, making them easy to store and transport. They come in various sizes, ranging from 13 to 17 inches, and connect to your main computer through HDMI or USB-C cables. While not all laptops support multiple monitors, many newer models do, and for those that don't, some portable monitors come with built-in docks that allow you to connect extra peripherals like a keyboard and mouse. Prices will vary depending on size and features, but you can find portable monitors of all kinds at electronics stores and online retailers!

Two office chairs

A good office chair is great, but two are even better!

Why? Because even the most ergonomic, space-ship-like, techy office chair can get a little uncomfortable after a while. Just like it’s a good idea to use different running shoes every so often so that your feet don’t get sore, switching between two office chairs every now and then will keep your body a little less achy. Some days you may need a little extra support, a higher back or maybe even a firmer cushion — it’s worthwhile having an extra, anyhow!

Walking treadmill

A walking treadmill allows you to stay active while you work in your home office.

These sleek, small treadmills are designed for walking at a slow pace while you stay productive at your standing desk. Many walking treadmills have a compact, under-desk design and come with features like adjustable speed controls and a built-in display, while some of them even fold up to fit under a sofa or couch!

While not suitable for intense workouts, these treadmills can help you burn calories and improve circulation throughout the workday, as well as relieving stress and improving posture. Look for walking treadmills at fitness retailers or online marketplaces!

Ring light

Enhance your video conferencing lighting with a ring light. This circular light source casts an even glow on your face, eliminating shadows and creating a more professional appearance. Ring lights come in various sizes and can be mounted to your desk or laptop — some even offer adjustable brightness and color temperature settings.  

Photographers use ring lights frequently, so you can find them at camera stores, electronics stores and online retailers.

Good headphones

Silence distractions and elevate your focus with a good pair of headphones.

Whether you choose over-ear headphones for superior noise cancellation or earbuds for portability, prioritize comfort, long battery life and crisp audio (including microphones!). Wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity offer the most flexibility in your home office, allowing you to move around freely while staying connected. 

Ultimately, look for headphones that suit your needs and budget, which you’re sure to find at your nearest electronics store or favorite online retailer.

Blue light glasses

Reduce potential eye strain and improve sleep with blue light glasses that feature clear lenses with a special coating that filters out blue light emitted from digital screens. While research on their effectiveness is ongoing, they may be a helpful addition to your home office setup, especially for those who work long hours in front of screens.

Cable clips

Tame the tangle of cords in your home office with cable clips! These handy organizers come in various shapes and sizes and attach to your desk or wall, keeping power cords, phone chargers and other wires under control. You can find cable clips in multiple materials and colors at office supply stores, electronics stores and online retailers.

Desk fan

A small, adjustable desk fan can help circulate air and create a comfortable breeze in your home office, especially if you lack air conditioning or are in a sunny spot. 

Desk fans come in various sizes and styles to fit your workspace and preferences, so look for options with multiple speeds like tilting heads for directing airflow!

Indoor plants

Studies have shown that indoor plants can improve concentration, reduce stress and boost creativity. Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive in indirect sunlight, such as snake plants, spider plants or philodendrons, since they’ll stay happy and healthy with fairly little maintenance. 

Whatever plant you get, just be sure to consider the size of your home office and the amount of natural light available when selecting your plants.

Working from home should be refreshing and beneficial to your workday, so why skimp on the things that will make it easier? Give these WFH gadgets a go and see how they improve your day!

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