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Have Yourself a Very Beachy Christmas

Nov 9th, 2020

Have yourself a very beachy Christmas. 

Let the sun be bright.

From now on, our troubles will be out of sight.

(How many of you read that in the tune of the song? Yeah, we did, too.)

The holiday season in Florida is not like most of the stereotypical winter wonderland scenery we see in movies and media. The scenes of snowy blizzards and crackling fireplaces, the songs about warm cocoa and cozy blankets or even the merry snowmen and Arctic antelope galloping through the snow don’t quite represent what December is like for us all in Florida. Instead of chilly snow, we have warm sandy beaches. Instead of cold-weather reindeer best-suited for the Arctic tundra, perhaps Santa Claus can employ the many white-tailed deer roaming through the trees down here in Florida.

Also, the temperature ranges between a warm 75 degrees and a balmy 63 degrees Fahrenheit, while the Pacific Northwest maintains temperatures near or below freezing all season long, so there’s that. 

Basically, the holiday season here in the sunshine state is not the same as in other places, so why not embrace the warm seasons and switch up your holiday décor to match your sunny season?

Beachy Florida themed holiday tips, décor and inspiration!

Elements of beach décor

Before we start talking about what to look for and what you can make, it’s worth going over the basic elements that make your interior décor more beach-themed. Light colors, open spaces, pops of color and natural materials are just a few things to look for. We’ve already spent some time delving into what elements go into making your apartment feel like a true Florida beach paradise, and these same principles will carry over well to your holiday themed decoration and design.

Neutral tones with pops of color

The key to making any space seem bigger and brighter is to use light neutral colors like white, cream or light tan. Small pops of color draw your eye to the decorations and can create harmony throughout your whole home. It’s important to keep a color theme when you go this route, otherwise you might run into color clashes and a cluttered look. When you start adding holiday décor, keep this in mind, and think about how the colors will match with the rest of your color pops. 


In addition to boosting productivity and lowering stress, having plants in your apartment  is a great way to add an organic pop of color and shape to your décor. Think about how you can substitute the generic pine/fir holiday greenery for a more tropical foliage, like palms, monstera or ferns.

sunny living room filled with plants

Wicker and rope

Natural materials such as wicker and rope contrast wonderfully with the neutral tones and colors in your beachy apartment. Your holiday decorations can carry the beachy theme with an addition of rope or a wicker placemat. Keep it simple, and you’ll find yourself pleased with the elegance and simplicity of the results. 

Beach-themed holiday décor 

The best way to come up with clever beach-themed holiday décor is to make a list of all your generic decorations (i.e. a wreath, a tree, baubles etc.) and then come up with substitutes for them all in one sitting. That way, you can plan how your decorations will match with each other and you can invest in a great collection of decorations!

For a wreath, consider a neutral-colored seashell wreath, a dune grass wreath or one with a pop of ocean-blue.  

Beach décor is all about being light and airy, so find a Christmas tree that isn’t too dense or busy, and feel free to be creative with your tree and try out something new. Find dead tree branches and ground them in a large plant pot for a unique DIY branch tree, or find a classy driftwood tree with a more traditional shape. Or, if you’re in the mood for something more fun, try out this artificial palm tree from Home Depot!

Classy beach decorations should create harmony in your home, so finding ornaments that fit your color theme is a big win. They don’t all have to be the exact same color, but different shades of the same color are more likely to match each other. Plus, finding seashells or other natural materials is always a great touch to your beach theme. Ornaments aren’t just for trees, either! Their fun shapes and nice colors are perfect for all around your home. Display ornaments on your stair railings, in front of windows or on mantels.

Holiday decorations with pine cones and branches

Whether you have a fireplace or not, there’s always somewhere you can hang up a few stockings. If your stockings are sentimental but don’t match your décor, then you can add a tropical touch to them by hanging them from burlap strings or by stitching a small starfish to the fabric. Those little additions can do more for your overall interior design than you think!

Greenery is a big part of holiday décor, and you can easily substitute the traditional coniferous  boughs for more ocean-inspired greens. Find palm fronds or bamboo leaves to lay on your coffee or dining room tables. Scatter a few along your window ledges, on bookshelves or on in a vase, and top the look off with a piece of driftwood and a colorful ornament! Also, don’t underestimate the simple addition of a small bauble to your monstera plants or other tropical plants. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your holiday décor or just make your luxury south Florida apartment home a little more beachy, then these tips are sure to give you a head start on your festive decorating spree. Enjoy the process and have fun personalizing your festive home!


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Featured photo courtesy Pixabay/minfl3

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