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Discover Miles of Coral Reefs at These Miami Snorkel Spots

Sep 26th, 2018

The coral reefs near Miami are home to crystal clear waters that show off the delicate detail of the diverse underwater ecosystem. See hundreds of species of reef fish with a coral backdrop and every color on the spectrum. Snorkeling is a great way to get up close and personal with beautiful coral reefs right in the backyard of AMLI’s South Florida apartments.

Grab your swim gear and snorkel and let’s hit the water! Wend your way above strips of coral reefs at these Miami snorkel hot spots.

What you need

Before heading out for a day of snorkeling, you’ll need to buy or rent a snorkel, an eye mask and fins. If you’re not totally comfortable in the water, some kind of personal flotation device or life jacket is also a good idea to ensure your safety and buoyancy. Waterproof sunscreen is definitely a must. Other items to bring with you are an extra shirt, a towel and plenty of drinking water.

Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park has the third largest coral reef in the world and is the best place to go if you’re looking for coral reefs near Miami. The park provides year-round snorkeling with boats running daily depending on weather conditions. You can spend hours in the water looking at tropical fish, eel, shrimp, lobster, hard and soft coral along with other amazing underwater plant life. This park is huge as it extends all the way into the Florida Keys. There is so much to see here, you’ll discover that there is as much to see under the water as there is in the city of Miami! While this park is located really close to Miami, you can still get to here in just over an hour from the downtown Ft. Lauderdale apartments at AMLI Flagler Village.

Bahia Honda State Park

This beach has very few waves, making snorkeling very easy from right off the beach to see a variety of fish and play in the water. You’ll need to get on a boat to experience the coral reefs, though. The Bahia Honda Key State Park is a bit of a drive from Miami—it’s a two-hour drive from AMLI’s Dadeland apartment rentals, but this state park has one of the best coral reef destinations in the area. Take a boat tour to this spectacular reef that is located about 12 miles off the shore where you will see bright colored star and Elkhorn coral, stingrays, schooling fish and a wide variety of marine life.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

Located just 1 mile south of Miami, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park has fabulous snorkeling and scuba diving. This park offers snorkel boat tours that run several times per day, and has all the equipment rentals you’ll need to enjoy the day in the water. Take a glimpse into the world beneath the waves where you can see protected coral reefs and the surrounding underwater ecosystem. This park also offers glass bottom boat tours, which is another fun way to experience the open ocean.

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Miami Snorkel Spots

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