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Everything is Illuminated at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo

Dec 31st, 2013

The Lincoln Park Zoo is an emblem of Chicago, a place that is known to nearly all residents within a 50-mile radius and visited by a fair number of them each year.  Not only is this cultural haven of downtown Chicago one of the oldest and most popular zoos in the country.  It is also free to enter, making it highly accessible to the general public and a great place for Chicago residents to visit when they want to do something fun on a weekend day without having to dip into their wallets.

Each winter, the Lincoln Park Zoo is transformed into a melanges of light and color as more than a million vibrant lights are strung up on the premises for a much-loved event called ZooLights.  Highlights and details of this spectacular downtown Chicago event include:


The illuminated bulbs that twist and travel their way through most of the Lincoln Park Zoo are the main attraction of the downtown Chicago ZooLights exhibit.  From lined walkways to gigantic representations of our favorite zoo animals, lights can be found just about everywhere in the complex.  The various colors, shapes, and sizes are points of interest for many who visit, particularly when they twinkle and blink to harmonious melodies in the musical light show.

Ice Sculptures

Beautiful, elegant ice sculptures can be found throughout the the Lincoln Park Zoo throughout the duration of the ZooLights event.  The sculptures will change throughout the event, making it worthwhile for fans of frozen artwork to visit ZooLights more than once.  If you time your visit just right, you may even be able to catch an ice carving demonstration!

Endangered Species Carousel

The At&T Endangered Species Carousel at the Lincoln Park Zoo is open year-round, but there is something particularly enchanting about riding it in the wintertime, especially if snow happens to be falling lightly all around you.  For just a few bucks, hop on and take a ride with some of the rarest animals in existence, many of which you can observe in the same downtown Chicago zoo.  Other interactive activities, as well as warm beverages and snacks, are also available at ZooLights.

Ice Skating

If you find your first visit to ZooLights so enjoyable that you want to make it a winter tradition but you are concerned that you already have too many of them, why not combine it with another?  The ice skating rink at the Lincoln Park Zoo opened recently and will remain accessible through March 2nd, and it is open until 9 P.M.  This makes it possible to both admire the magnificent displays at ZooLights and take a spin on ice with your blades of glory in the same outing.

Situated fairly close to AMLI River North and not far from AMLI 900, the Lincoln Park Zoo is conveniently located to those who live in downtown Chicago luxury apartments.  If you want to be dazzled by this year’s displays, pay a visit on or before January 5th.  Admission to ZooLights, like standard admission to the Lincoln Park Zoo, is free!

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