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Exploring the Eastside L.A. Gem of Los Feliz
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Exploring the Eastside L.A. Gem of Los Feliz

Dec 30th, 2015

Like most large American cities, Los Angeles feels very different from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you live in the beautiful NoHo Arts District apartments at AMLI Lex on Orange, the brilliantly colored buildings and hillside foliage of Los Feliz are just a 10-minute drive. Here’s what you can expect from this little neighborhood with a big personality.

Feel the Los Feliz Vibes

An integral component of the Los Feliz experience is soaking up its relaxed, trendy vibes. Independent boutiques and cute houses have free lending libraries in their front yards. Baristas and servers have a reputation for being friendly and genuine. The bold and beautiful colors you’ll see walking around are both stimulating and soothing. Los Feliz sure has energy, and it usually comes wrapped in a layer or two of easygoing.

Shop ’til You Drop

For lovers of off-the-rack designer wear and vintage clothing, Los Feliz is retail heaven. Browse Jackie Robbins Leather + Jewelry for genuine leather goods and custom jewelry. Lock down some vintage-inspired wardrobe updates at Una Mae’s or the much larger Squareville. If you’re looking for gifts and don’t want to buy clothes, you can fine one-of-a-kind stationery, candles, handmade dolls, and an array of knick-knacks at Spitfire Girl.

Fuel Up

Fine dining options in Los Feliz are as run-of-the-mill as eclectic shopping destinations. While only a few of the restaurants in the neighborhood belong to chains, those that do are unique in their own right. The Los Feliz Umami Burger, for instance, is one of the largest there is. If you’d rather skip the south-of-the-border inspired carnitas burger and charge full-speed at authentic Mexican cuisine, Yuca’s is a good option. Mother Dough bakes some mean Neopolitan pizza pies using dough that’s freshly baked each morning. If you want a coffee, pastry, or sandwich, Alcove Cafe and Bakery can deliver.

For happy hour and beyond, the Alcove Big Bar features an impressive cocktail selection. Fred 62, located at Vermont and Franklin, offers a retro dining experience. For dessert, drop by neighborhood institution House of Pies. Bavarian chocolate banana cream, flakey butterscotch, and delightful strawberry are popular options.

Stay Entertained

While Wacko Soap Plant could be housed under “shopping destinations,” most people step into this shop for the experience. Have a hippy moment admiring tie-dye and blacklight tapestries, taking in the scents of handcrafted soaps, and essential oils, and admiring an eclectic mix of toys and knick-knacks that will likely remind you of inside jokes with all of your closest friends.

When you’re ready to put on your serious face, meander over to Skylight Books, one of L.A.’s most beloved independent bookshops. Local literary figures are prominently featured, where you can find books, magazines, and graphic novels you’ll be hard-pressed to find at just any bookstore.

If you’re hanging out in Los Feliz through the evening, make your way to the Dresden Room Restaurant to be serenaded by live jazz music. Eat, drink, dance, and be merry. It’s what Los Feliz wants for you.

Soak Up the Sun

The proximity to Hollywood Hills makes Los Feliz a great place to spend time outdoors. If you want to put in some quality time outside, go hiking in Griffith Park or schedule a tee time at the Los Feliz Golf Club. Pine-tree enshrined Barnsdall Art Park is another outdoor space where you can break from window shopping and enjoy a little slice of nature in the big, sprawling city of Los Angeles.

Aptly named, Los Feliz is a pleasant neighborhood that has earned the special place it has in so many hearts. If you live at AMLI Lex on Orange, Los Feliz is just ten minutes away. If you don’t yet feel fully acquainted with the neighborhood, plan a visit soon.

How do you like to spend a day in Los Feliz? Share your favorite restaurant, boutique, or entertainment venue in the comments.

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