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Famous People from Austin | AMLI Residential

Dec 23rd, 2019

Have you ever wondered how many famous people from Austin you’ve unknowingly encountered? You might have been in the same restaurant as a celebrity or been on the same flight as a politician. There’s often no way to tell if we’ve shared spaces with famous people, but we can get as close as we can! If you live in our luxury apartments in Austin, then there’s a good chance that you’ve crossed paths with many famous people from Austin. 

You may not have met them or even lived at the same time as them, but these famous Austinites have walked the same streets, shopped at the same stores and visited the same parks that you have. Keep an eye out next time you wander around town, and maybe you’ll spot someone you’d never thought to expect. 

Famous People from Austin, Texas

Janis Joplin


Janis Jopin was a famous singer-songwriter who became famous for her rock, soul and blues music in the late 60s. Although she was born in Port Arthur, Texas, she studied art at the University of Texas at Austin. She began to play gigs at Threadgills, an old gas station bar just two miles from our Burnet Road apartments in Allandale. It was here that Joplin’s musical career launched, turning her into the rock icon she is known as today.

Matthew McConaughey


Actor Matthew McConaughey has lived in Austin since he first attended UT-Austin in 1989. McConaughey began his acting career in Austin doing commercials, including some for the Austin-American Statesman. In addition to his big-shot Hollywood career, McConaughey also teaches film classes at UT-Austin, just a few miles from our downtown Austin apartments and Eastside Austin apartments

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Willie Nelson


This famous country singer moved to Austin in 1970 where he began to perform his unique style of country music. He blended folk, jazz and country music for his adoring audience, and soon became popular in Austin’s music scene. His legendary Fourth of July Picnics, held each year at various locations, have graced Austin’s summers many a time. Because of all his influence in the city, The City of Austin named a downtown road Willie Nelson Blvd.

Stevie Ray Vaughan


This Texan guitarist and songwriter is often considered to be one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Vaughan’s music career blossomed in the early 70s in Austin, where he played with many different bands in the two decades before signing with an agent. One of Vaughan’s popular haunts was Antone’s Nightclub, just minutes away from our downtown Austin apartments.

Lance Armstrong


Most well known for his cycling prowess (and doping scandals), Lance Armstrong has strong ties to the city of Austin. Although born in Plano, Texas, Armstrong has spent much time in Austin, and even owns a home there. He owns a bike shop called Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop and a cafe called Juan Pelota Cafe. The cafe’s name is a pun reference to his bout of testicular cancer in 1996 (“pelota” is Spanish for “ball”, and “juan” is a homophone for “one”... you make the connection!). The 4.6-mile Lance Armstrong Bikeway, which runs along the Colorado River in Downtown Austin, is a tribute to the world-famous athlete who brought so much attention to the city.

Andy Roddick

Tennis Player

Andy Roddick was the world's No. 1 tennis player just three years after he turned pro in 2000. Although he was born in Omaha, Nebraska, Roddick spent much of his childhood in Austin. He moved back to Austin to be closer to family after a brief stint in Florida, and has been there ever since. If you’re looking to become an Austin tennis star, too, there’s nothing wrong with visiting the many tennis clubs around the area, such as the Pharr Tennis Center near our Mueller apartments

Willie Wells

Baseball Player

Willie Wells was a baseball player for the Negro and Latin Leagues from the 1920s to the 1940s. Born and raised in Austin, Willie Wells was best known for his talent and athleticism in the game. He was an excellent shortstop, precise with his glove and a powerful batter. He earned the nickname “El Diablo” (“The Devil”) in Mexico after the Mexican League players began to take notice of his incredible skill as a shortstop. He was one of the first baseball players to wear a batting helmet in a game after suffering a concussion while playing the Newark Eagles, even though it was just a construction helmet. Before joining the Negro National League (NNL), Willie briefly attended the Huston-Tillotson University, just a few miles from our South Shore apartments in East Austin.

Check out this short clip on Willie Wells and his legacy!

Tom Ford

Fashion Designer

Before his global career as a high-fashion designer and filmmaker, Tom Ford spent his early years in Austin with his family in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.. Ford lived in New York, Paris and Milan doing fashion design before landing a job at Gucci, where he rose through the ranks quickly and swiftly. After he became creative director in 1994, he immediately began to revamp the company’s branding and imagery. His leadership raised revenue from $230 million to $3 billion by 2004. Tom Ford eventually separated from Gucci and set up his own company called Tom Ford Brand

Now you know...

Next time you’re out and about in Austin, remember that the city around you has been occupied by celebrities of all kinds. From famous historical baseball players to rock legends, Austin’s culture attracts people from all over the world. 

Austin is the place to be, but you know that already!

Featured photo courtesy Pixabay/skeeze

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