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Four Great Ice Cream and Dessert Bars in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward
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Four Great Ice Cream and Dessert Bars in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward

Oct 5th, 2015

Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward is a desirable neighborhood where abandoned warehouses are being converted to lofts and small businesses are thriving. But the rich history and authentic flavor of the neighborhood remain preserved.

As tends to be the case with recently revitalized neighborhoods, good food is available in abundance in the Old Fourth Ward. And the magic doesn’t stop with pizza from Ammazza or salmon chips from Two Urban licks. The dessert scene has plenty of sweet surprises worth writing home about.

Highland Bakery

A favorite of carb lovers throughout Atlanta, Highland Bakery has built quite a reputation for itself. The bakery’s scope is vast, including brown bread, white bread, fruit-and-oat muffins, oatmeal cookies, cinnamon rolls, blueberry crumb cake, scones, strawberry croissants, cupcakes, and mini donuts. Perhaps best of all, the skilled bakers at this patisserie only use as much butter and sugar as necessary. The result is delightful baked treats that leave nothing to be desired, but won’t leave you feeling too guilty about what you’re eating. Located just off Freedom Park Trail, Highland Bakery is a great place to reward yourself after a jog or a bike ride.

Queen of Cream

Several months back, the Fruttela frozen yogurt shop in Old Fourth Ward shuttered its doors. On August 6, 2015 the doors reopened under the auspices of local pastry chef Cora Cotrim. If you’ve been to any of her ice cream carts, then you’re familiar with why Chef Cotrim has earned the moniker “Queen of Cream.” At this craft ice cream shop, milk is pasteurized in house and fused with locally sourced ingredients to offer an exceptional dessert experience. To preserve the integrity of its carefully handcrafted product, Queen of Cream offers only a handful of flavors at any given time. Current flavors include summer figs, earl grey tea, and banana puddin’. Just a few doors down from Highland Bakery, Queen of Cream is a ten-minute walk from AMLI Parkside, AMLI Old 4th Ward, and AMLI Ponce Park.

Jake’s Ice Cream

Queen of Cream has generated considerable buzz, but the Old Fourth Ward’s mainstay, Jake’s Ice Cream, deserves to be included in any list of great dessert shops in the neighborhood. When Jake’s set up shop in 1999, there was nothing like it around. Today, the ice cream maker has amassed a large and loyal following. Jake’s offers more than 50 flavors, and welcomes input from patrons on the creation of new ones. You can find Jake’s on Highland Avenue, sandwiched between Highland Bakery and Queen of Cream.

LottaFrutta Gourmet Fruit House

A Mexican-inspired fruit stand and dessert shop, LottaFrutta has options for health nuts and sugar fiends alike. Treat yourself to a naturally sweet fresh juice or fruit cup, enjoy a scoop of vegan ice cream, or cool down with a Mexican paleta, or popsicle. Guanabana, lulo, mora, and passion fruit, all offering a range of health benefits, are used widely in LottaFrutta’s desserts. If you don’t feel like anything fruity, indulge in a Mexican hot chocolate or iced Mexican hot chocolate. LottaFrutta is just a mile south of AMLI Parkside, AMLI Old 4th Ward, and AMLI Ponce Park.

Serpas True Food

Serpas True Food is more of a restaurant than dessert bar, but the New Orleans beignets and cronuts baked in its kitchen are some of Atlanta’s finest. Indulge your sweet tooth with a Sunday brunch of banana brown sugar French toast or cap off an evening meal with Serpas’ famous lemon ice box pie. The high-quality sweet and savory treats concocted by renowned chef Scott Serpas are prepared with love less than a mile from your Inman Park apartments.

Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood is a great place to eat, drink, play, and live. If you have yet to indulge in the delightful sweets just minutes from your downtown Atlanta apartment, get out for a scoop of ice cream or rich, flaky pastry.

What’s your favorite place to get your sugar fix in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood?

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