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Peach Drop 2014: Celebrating A New Year and 25 Years of History

Dec 24th, 2013

As one of the largest and most important cities in the southeastern United States, it seems fitting that Atlanta is host to a New Year’s Celebration that makes a real splash.  If you don’t already have plans for this upcoming New Year’s Eve and are looking for a family-friendly, exciting event to attend, continue reading to determine whether the 25th Annual Peach Drop is something you want to incorporate into your festive New Year’s celebration.


First introduced to Georgians in 1989, the Peach Drop combines established New Year’s traditions with regional flair to create an event that appeals to Georgia natives, new arrivals, and visitors alike.  All day, visitors eat, mingle, play, and dance their way to joy land with the knowledge that they will be historical observers when midnight strikes and a spectacle is made of the event’s crown jewel: an eight-foot tall, eight-foot wide, 800-pound peach that is truly a work of art.


Located in the heart of Georgia’s capital city, Underground Atlanta spans six city blocks and boasts 225,000 square feet of prime retail and entertainment real estate.  Many luxury Atlanta apartment dwellers take advantage of their proximity to Underground Atlanta by visiting one of the development’s award-winning restaurants for dinner before watching the peach drop.  Once the ball falls, they either migrate by foot to one of the city’s hottest night clubs for more festivities or retire to their luxury apartment homes.  Residents of AMLI Residential’s luxury apartment communities AMLI Old 4th Ward and AMLI Parkside live within a few short miles of Atlanta’s most noteworthy New Year’s festivities.


While those who live nearby or have a favorite restaurant at Underground Atlanta may choose to have a sit-down dinner, joining the Peach Drop party just hours before the 800-pound peach is released, others choose to hang out all day.  This year’s Peach Drop Celebration kicks off at 11 A.M., at which time New Year’s revelers can start enjoying live music, carnival rides, festive food, and other entertainment.  The peach itself will released at 11:59 P.M., making its way to the ground just in time for the “Happy New Year!” scream.  Clearing out immediately after the peach drops is unnecessary, and those who wish to stick around can party at Kenny’s Alley until four in the morning.  From start to finish, the Peach Drop New Year’s Celebration is 16 hours long.


The Peach Drop is the largest New Year’s celebration in the region, and it has developed a reputation as one of the area’s most exciting events.  It is suitable for and open to guests of all ages, making it a great alternative to hanging out in your family-friendly luxury Atlanta, GA apartment all holiday long.  Admission to the event is free, and there is no need to make arrangements in advance.

The New Year’s Peach Drop is an Atlanta institution, a storied event that every Georgia-born peach or import should experience at least once.  If you have yet to watch this super-sized fruit ball drop to the ground in honor of a new year’s start, why not make this year the year?  With the bravado and hubbub that tend to accompany major anniversaries like this one, you can bet that the 25th Annual Peach Drop will be one of the most exciting New Year’s Celebrations Atlanta has seen yet.

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