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Save space in your apartment with these DIY projects.
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5 Space-Saving DIY Projects for Your Apartment

May 25th, 2018

Unless you are an obsessively disciplined minimalist, you probably wish you had more storage space in your apartment. Furnished storage space is an option worth considering, but too much additional furniture is likely to clutter your apartment. DIY storage systems are a less expensive, more practical alternative for many apartments. Before buying new furniture or renting storage space, make sure your closets, cabinetry, desks and dressers are organized for optimal storage. If they’re not, these space-saving DIY projects should help you better use your apartment’s existing storage infrastructure.

Magazine rack organizers

Magazine racks are conveniently sized for storing an array of household goods. They’re ideal for storing and accessing aluminum foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap, etc. They’re also suitable for storing a range of cookware and foodstuffs, from cutting boards to potatoes to pot lid holders. In the bathroom, magazine racks work for storing spare toilet paper rolls, curling irons, hair straighteners and other similarly sized appliances. Magazine rack holders are also great for storing craft supplies, sorting mail, organizing papers and hiding cable boxes and wireless routers.

Tension rod herb garden or storage rack

Nearly all of us use tension rods for hanging clothes in our closets or curtains in the shower. But this simple, highly versatile tool can be used for a plethora of organization and storage-space optimization purposes. If you have a green thumb, mount a tension rod on the inside of your kitchen or living room window fto hang an easy, low-maintenance herb garden. Mount one above your desk to organize and decorate your home office space. Tension rods are well-suited for hanging cleaning supplies in under-sink cabinets, which can reduce clutter and allow you to store more. They’re also great as paper towel holders and storage for rolls of ribbon, spools of thread and other doughnut-ringed craft supplies.

Laundry sorter

Instead of collecting dirty laundry in a pile on the floor or even a single hamper, try a DIY laundry sorter. Not only do these handy sorters conceal your dirty laundry from plain view. They help you organize it by load, sparing you from having to sort through it on laundry day. The materials you use should depend on the space you have to work with and your preferred number of storage receptacles. One option is to use a tall, narrow shelving unit and several small laundry baskets. Others include a laundry dresser, laundry closet or wall hooks with cloth bags.

Kitchen command center

Is your kitchen countertop a catch-all for mail, paperwork, pocket trash and anything else on your person when you get home from work? If so, you’re not alone. Using some mail slots or small shelf organizers, design a small command center nook in your apartment kitchen. Hang a dry erase board and wall calendar for reminders and to-do lists. Dedicate a few mason jars to the storage of pens, pencils and paperclips. And you can continue to unload the day’s physical and mental clutter on your kitchen counter when you arrive home, but in a neat and organized fashion.

Back-of-door storage

From bedroom closet to pantry, your apartment should have loads of back-of-door space you can utilize for discreet, convenient storage. Harness this space with DIY storage racks, mounted curtain rods or prefab over-the-door organizing racks.

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