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Try these floating shelves perfect for any apartment.
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10 Ready-to-Mount Floating Shelves for Your Apartment

Mar 24th, 2017

Functional and pleasing to the eyes, floating shelves are an ideal storage solution when space is at a premium. A range of styles, materials, and colors makes it easy to find a floating shelf that matches your decor. If you’re looking to add storage or display space to your apartment but don’t want to take on a major DIY project, here are ten ready-to-mount shelves you might like.

1. Bamboo Three-Tier Floating Shelves

Lipper International’s three-tier bamboo shelves don’t even require wall mounting. The bamboo product sits comfortably on kitchen counters and other level spaces, and can add a cabinet’s worth of storage space.

2.99 from

2. Cubist Wall Display Shelf

Don’t let your desk fall victim to clutter. Procure Erika Kovesdi’s cubist Wall Display shelf to free up desk space and more prominently display your home office decor.

0 from

3. Rustic Pipe Floating Shelf

Industrial piping is still trending in the home decorating world. If you don’t have any exposed pipe in your apartment, change that with a prefab rustic industrial pipe shelf. Use it to display books, collectibles, or artwork.

5 on Etsy

4. Reclaimed Wood Coffee and Tea Shelf

Coffee and tea connoisseurs, (del) Hutson Designs has a floating shelf just for you. Sturdy shelves provide plenty of room for cases of tea and coffee, a coffee grinder, and any preparation tools you may have. The shelf also has hooks for hanging mugs. If you’re passionate about both coffee and tea, mount two shelves next to one another and designate one for coffee and one for tea.

9 from (del) Hutson Designs

5. Wall Bar with Floating Shelf

If you want a bar in your apartment but don’t have the space or funds for a full bar, BSEID’s Wall Bar is an ideal solution. This affordable, industrial chic floating shelf holds a dozen bottles of liquor or wine. It also has room for mixology books, a couple of glasses, and a plant or other decorative item.

10 from BSEID

6. LiliLite

The LiliLite floating shelf screams sleek northern European design. Designed specifically for your bedroom, the shelf has a built-in reading lamp and is perfect for storing books. The LiliLite’s zigzag design also enables the shelf to act as a bookmark.

42 from Lililite

7. Home Decor Shadow Boxes

Most floating shelves are fit to double as decor. Sierra Living Concepts’ Curio Shadow Boxes are bold and beautiful enough to serve as a room’s focal point. Made from Indian Rosewood, these boxes can hold mementos, trinkets, and more. For maximum design impact, leave some boxes empty.

99 from Sierra Living Concepts

8. Umbra Conceal Bookshelf

This floating shelf can give the impression you have a stack of floating books in your living room. Another great use for this shelf is to store a stack of cookbooks in the kitchen. Umbra’s durable, easy-mount Conceal Book shelf is available in two sizes.

From 3 at

9. Umbra Cubist Small Shelf

In lieu of a nightstand, mount this Umbra floating shelf next to your bed. Another floating shelf designed by Erika Kovesdi, this shelf is perfect for storing a book, reading glasses, nighttime beauty supplies, pens, and a notepad.

0 from Umbra

10. Design Ideas Fire Escape Shelf

Make your living room look like the backdrop to a New York City film scene with this Design Ideas floating shelf. Ideal for displaying art prints and small potted plants, this floating shelf is best mounted on a stretch of wall that receives plenty of natural sunlight.

9.97 from

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