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10 Uniquely Seattle Experiences to Enjoy this Summer

Jun 14th, 2017

Seattle’s rich culture and heritage shine through in a number of uniquely Seattle activities, attractions, and culinary experiences. Here are some ways you can appreciate what your city has to offer in the coming months. Most of these activities are ideal for Seattle’s summer sunny days and cannot be replicated anywhere else.

1. Attend the Fremont Solstice Parade

Seattle is located relatively far north, but the summer solstice is an especially big deal in the Emerald City because of its Scandinavian heritage. In celebration of the summer solstice and Seattle arts community, the Fremont Arts Council hosts an annual, one-of-a-kind parade and festival. The Mardi-Gras style parade, known for its colorful floats and energetic participants, will be held on June 17 this year. The parade starts at 1pm at Nw 39th Street and Leary Way NW, and ends at Gas Works Park, a block south of AMLI Wallingford. Fremont Fair events will be held in Fremont following the parade, as well as all day on Sunday, June 18.

2. Crawl Ballard’s Breweries

If you’re a fan of microbrews, Ballard is one of the best locations for tasting in the world. The five-square-mile neighborhood has ten breweries, more than any other neighborhood in Seattle or Portland. NW Peaks, Peddler Brewing, Populuxe, Reuben’s Brews, Stoup Brewing and Urban Family Public House are all within walking distance of one another. The neighborhood’s other breweries are Bad Jimmy’s Brewing, Hale’s Brewery, Lucky Envelope Brewing, and Maritime Pacific Brewing Company.

3. Eat a Seattle Dog

A Seattle-style hot dog, in case you’re not familiar, is slathered in cream cheese and topped with mustard and sauerkraut. Seattle’s regional hot dog may not be the healthiest late night snack, but it’s just about the most readily available food item after bars close and it’s a crowdpleaser.

4. Enjoy a Golden Gardens beach day

Golden Gardens Park, just a five-minute drive from AMLI Mark24, has everything you can hope for from a public park. It’s even home to a beautiful beach, a great place to cool off and enjoy good company on a hot summer day. Secure a stretch of beach with a fire pit, and it’s also a nice place for a bonfire.

5. Explore Seattle Underground

After the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the part of the city destroyed in the blaze was elevated rather than rebuilt. As a result, the 31 blocks that caught fire are now underground. The Seattle Underground is a major tourist attraction. But the network of underground passageways is also something every Seattle resident should experience. It’s a worthwhile experience in any weather and at any time of year.

6. Fill up at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market has been a good place to score food for more than 100 years. Today, you can find just about anything sweet or savory you can imagine in the public market. The next time you visit Pike Place Market, arrive hungry. Nibble on samples and order your way through the market until you’re full.

7. Marvel at the salmon ladders

The annual swim upstream salmon make to spawn is a spectacular biological phenomenon. And you can see it at the Ballard Locks Fish Ladder, less than ten minutes’ drive from AMLI Mark24. June and July are typically the best months for viewing the sockeye variety. The Chinook swim through en masse in September and October, and steelhead salmon pass through late in the fall.

8. Ride the Seattle Great Wheel

The largest ferris wheel on America’s west coast affords riders with sweeping views of Elliott Bay, Mount Rainier, and Seattle’s picturesque skyline. Visit Pier 57 on a clear, sunny day to experience the views from 175 feet.

9. Rope swing into the Lake Washington ship canal

There are several great places to swim and play in the water in the Seattle area. One of the more iconic is the Fremont Rope Swing, a fun way to enter the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The rope swing is fixed to a large tree along the Burke-Gilman trail, where Phinney Avenue meets Canal Street. It’s a short drive or 20-minute walk from AMLI’s Wallingford apartments. If you decide to take this plunge into the water, be mindful of the area’s heavy boat traffic.

10. Take flight in a seaplane

Neither simply a boat nor a plane, a seaplane is an aircraft that can take off from and land on water. These technologically impressive vessels are particularly handy in the Puget Sound region, where taking flight for 15 or 20 minutes drastically cuts the length of time it takes to travel between destinations by ship or car.

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