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Books Set in Atlanta

Sep 15th, 2021

As summer winds down and those cozy autumn days grow closer, stocking up on some good books will give you plenty to do during those crisp fall days. 

So get ready to curl up on the sofa, make some hot chocolate, put the virtual fireplace thing on Netflix and get into some of these great books set in Atlanta!

4 popular books set in Atlanta

'An American Marriage'

Author: Tayari Jones

Published: 2018

One of the more recent publications to emerge from Atlanta, Georgia, “An American Marriage” has received wide and glowing praise for its heartfelt and emotional depiction of a young couple’s tumultuous walk through life.

Through the course of the 300-page novel, newlyweds Roy and Celestial navigate a wrongful conviction and the ensuing strain it creates on their marriage. Over the course of about a decade, the story introduces new characters, explores family relationships and addresses the topics of love, sadness, forgiveness and all the emotions that make up our life stories. 

Author Tayari Jones received a multitude of awards and prizes for her work, including the 2019 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work in Fiction, the 2019 Women's Prize for Fiction and the 2019 Aspen Words Literary Prize.

‘Gone with the Wind’

Author: Margaret Mitchell

Published: 1936

Arguably one of the most popular novels set in Georgia and Atlanta, “Gone with the Wind” has stood the test of time as one of the United States’ best pieces of historical fiction.

The tale follows a wealthy Atlantean girl named Scarlett O’Hara, the oldest daughter of a prominent plantation owner in pre-Civil War Georgia. The story begins in 1861 just as the war is declared, and as the young Georgia men who are the objects of Scarlett’s fancy are set to enlist in the fight. 

Through the course of the novel, which spans from the beginning of the war through the Siege of Atlanta and to the end of the conflict, Scarlett deals with the ins and outs of Atlantean social hierarchy and the response to the war, all the while trapped in a loveless marriage and pining after a man who does not return her affections. 

“Gone with the Wind'' is a glimpse into the life of a spoiled woman who, through the course of about 16 years, learns about herself and her place in the world around her. It doesn’t begin to accurately depict what life was like for everyone in the Old South at the time, but It’s a coming-of-age story nonetheless. 

Author Margaret Mitchell penned her Pulitzer Prize-winning novel in 1926, and the final version was published a decade later in 1936. Since then, it’s sold at least 30 million copies and was, for a time, America’s second favorite book to read, right behind the Bible. 

‘Charlie Madigan’ series

Author: Kelly Gay

Published: 2009

In a world where mankind has discovered two different dimensions, both of which contain their own complex worlds and cultures, Atlanta becomes a hub for inter-dimensional beings of all kinds. It’s here that the Integration Task Force has to maintain order and cohesiveness as citizens of all three dimensions navigate the new world they all live in. Atlanta cop Charlie Madigan is one of these officers, and the series follows her life as she aims to bring peace to both her city and to her personal life.

Author Kelly Gay makes a point to portray Madigan as a normal person living in a paranormal world, where yes, there are inter-dimensional villains and plenty of large-scale issues to deal with at work, but there are also the very real-life struggles of being a single mother to a teenage daughter, making mistakes, navigating a love life and supporting friends in tough times. The novel discards the stereotypical heroine trope and creates a life-like character with a life that, while it includes very fictional situations, seems relatable to any of us. 


Author: Karin Slaughter

Published: 2006

For those interested in the thriller and crime fiction literary genres, “Triptych” is the first of author Karin Slaughter’s Atlanta series of novels, all of which are deeply immersed in the dark and murky waters of crime, violence and murderous intent.

The novel follows detective Michael Ormewood, an unhappy husband in an unhappy marriage and whose flaring tempers jeopardize his long-standing career, as he chases the trail of a vicious killer whose victims range from the wealthy to the impoverished. Through the course of the eerie tale, the deepest and darkest undersides of Atlanta are exposed, as are the murky waters of the uber-elite. Psychological suspense and gripping switchbacks are sure to keep you fully invested in the fast-paced tale right to its grizzly end. 

So, there you have it! A pretty solid start to an Atlanta-based literary collection, complete with romantic classics, modern thrillers and more! A perfect addition to your luxury Atlanta apartments!


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