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5 Ways to Honor Our Service People This Veterans Day

Nov 11th, 2013

Americans enjoy more social, economic, and political freedoms than citizens of most other countries in the world.  For this, we can thank the millions of servicemen and women who have represented our nation in the name of democracy and economic liberalism over the past couple of centuries.  In the aftermath of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11th a day on which to reflect on the armistice that ended the war and have gratitude for both the victory and those who fought with resolution for the country’s ideals and what they believed in. This day, which is still recognized today as a federal holiday, has become known as Veterans Day.  And it’s being celebrated today.  If you are looking to demonstrate your support for the veterans who have served our country this Veterans Day, the following ideas may provide you with some inspiration.

Post on Facebook or Twitter

If you come across a story, a quote, or a news article that holds America’s veterans in a reverent light, post it on your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, or another social media platform.  Updating your status or posting a tweet is a gesture that takes little time but can help raise awareness, inciting others to reflect on our veterans and the sacrifices they have made for the benefit of our country.

Raise a Flag

Pull that old, dusty flag out of its storage case and run it up your flagpole this Veterans Day.  If you live in an apartment home and don’t have your own flagpole, you can hang a flag in the window or string one up outside–just be sure to follow proper flag handling etiquette!  This is a great way to show your solidarity with our troops, present and past, living and deceased.

Attend an Event

From 10K runs and  parades to bell-ringing and wreath-laying ceremonies, there are no shortage of events held in the name of our veterans.  If you live in a luxury apartment in a major urban area, check out a city event calendar to find out what is happening where this Veterans Day.

Thank a Veteran

Do you have a family member or friend who has dedicated years of service to our country, putting his or her life on the line for the freedoms that you enjoy on a daily basis? To show the veterans in your life that their service is appreciated, thank them with a phone call, a homemade card, a favorite meal, or some other meaningful gesture.


Throughout your day off on November 11th, take time to remember those who have served and are serving in the armed forces.  Take a moment of silence, say silent prayers, meditate, or express your gratitude and well-wishes for veterans in your own natural way.  Reflect on and appreciate your freedoms, acknowledging that they would not be what they are were it not for the courage and dedication of our nation’s current and past service people.

At AMLI Residential, we are grateful today and every day for the efforts and sacrifices made by American troops, past and present.  We encourage residents who share these sentiments to enjoy their day off of work, but to remember why today is a holiday and to pay tribute to the selfless heroes who have stood on the front line for us.

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