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6 Reasons to Golf in Doral, Florida
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Six Reasons to Golf in Doral, Florida

Feb 24th, 2016

Golf is a significant player in Florida’s economy, and with landscape and weather like theirs, it’s pretty obvious as to why! But there actually are factors other than its stunning ocean views and year-round sunshine that make Florida an ideal spot to golf. Here are six more reasons that make Florida, and Doral in particular, such a great place to golf.


On some golf courses in Doral and elsewhere in Florida, you can almost expect a complementary safari with every round you play. Sandhill cranes and other exotic birds, gopher tortoises, and alligators are just a few of the animals you might catch a glimpse of from the course on any given day.

Natural Soundtrack

With many of Florida’s golf courses situated far from traffic on the periphery of state and national parks, it makes for a very serene golfing experience. Many of Doral’s courses are specifically designed so you can forget about the noise associated with city living and listen instead to the sounds of nature. The exotic birds fluttering and swooning overhead are known for making regular contributions to the golfers’ soundtrack, as does the wind rustling through trees and (most beautifully) the clean thwhack of club against ball.

Course Variety & Design

Variability in course design and obstacles is part of what makes the game of golf fun and challenging, over and over and over again. Statewide, Florida’s courses are as varied as those anywhere else. Even just in Doral, golfers will notice significant differences from one course to the next.

We can’t talk about golfing in Doral without mentioning Trump. The Trump National Doral Golf Club is just ten minutes from Doral, Florida apartments and offers four premier courses: Blue Monster, Gold, Red, and Silver Fox. The Blue Monster was designed to challenge even the most skilled golfers, which is why it’s played host to PGA tour events for the last 45 years. Deep bunkers, long fairways, and undulating hills deceive, frustrate, and occasionally reward golfers who try their hand on this world-class track. Silver Fox rates just under Blue Monster in difficulty and features water on 16 of 18 holes, tempting golfers to penalty city.

Industry Attention

It’s no secret that Florida is a darling of the golf industry, a fact that can be inferred by the thousand-plus golf courses, copious investment of time and energy by pros, and number of golf tournaments played in the state each year. There’s something exciting about playing golf in the Sunshine State, especially in a place that boasts several first-rate courses.

World-Class Golf Instruction

Learning to golf in Florida is a bit like learning how to ski in Vail. It might cost a bit more than elsewhere and the magnitude of options available could overwhelm you, but you’ll have access to a wealth of talented instructors and the luxury of jump-starting your golf career in the best possible environment. The Jim McLean Golf School at Trump National Doral is one of the premier golf schools in the country, offering instructive programs and private instruction by master instructor Jim McLean himself.

Post-Round Drinks

Celebrating your glorious golf win (or forgetting your shameful loss) with a good drink is practically mandatory. Go all out with at Champions Bar and Grill or BLT Prime, two Trump National Doral establishments designed with golfers in mind. Also, good options are Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, Tony Roma’s steakhouse, Famous Dave’s BBQ, and Cleopatra Mediterranean Grill (AMLI residents get 10% off the total order here, so don’t be shy).

With nearly 1,500 courses to choose from, it’d take a long time for a golf enthusiast to bore of Florida, so there’s really no bad choice here. However, if you want to start with the absolute best, start with Doral. The Trump Golf Club’s Blue Monster is reason enough. To play where nearly every great name in golf has played before is not an experience that every city can offer you – but Doral can.

Golfers! What’s your favorite thing about golfing in or around Doral? Share in the comments!

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