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Stay cool in Houston this summer with ice skating, trips to the pool, and by using the city's extensive tunnel network.
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6 Ways to Stay Cool in Houston this Summer

May 22nd, 2017

Where living without air conditioning is concerned, there are three types of cities. There are cities in which it’s relatively easy, cities in which it’s manageable, and cities in which it’s virtually impossible. Houston falls into the third category, and not only during the months of July and August. But the summer months are especially brutal. Hopefully, your Houston apartment and workplace have reliable A/C. But if you do find yourself stuck without A/C for a while or are looking for more exciting ways to stay cool this summer, here are some ideas:

1. Splash around somewhere convenient

City planners and developers are well-acquainted with the Bayou City’s heat. Accordingly, they’ve designed several places for residents to splash off and cool down. Take a dip in your apartment pool or head to one of Houston’s several community splash grounds or water parks when the need to cool down arises and you have the time. Wet ‘n’ Wild SplashTown is just a half-hour north of Houston. A bit farther away in Galveston, Schlitterbahn Waterpark at Moody Gardens  is also home to dozens of fun rides on which you can get wet and cool down.

2. Get fit in the water

It is more comfortable to work out in an air-conditioned gym than on a scorching hot track or field. But even in the gym you’re going to sweat. Focus your summer exercise efforts on pool-centric activities to keep sweating to a minimum. Sign up for water aerobics classes at your gym if you belong to one, or swim laps in your apartment pool. The City of Houston also offers free water fitness classes during summer.

3. Tunnel up

Houston’s seven miles of underground tunnels were designed to help Houstonians stay cool and dry when passing between downtown locales. The network may not cover your route from home to work, but the tunnels are known for their frigid temperatures. The next time you’re uncomfortably warm downtown and see an entrance to the tunnel system nearby, step underground and cool off. You can even grab a bite or take care of some errands in the tunnels’ shops and restaurants before you resurface.

4. Hit the ice

Fully escape Houston’s blistering heat with a trip to one of Houston’s year-round ice skating rinks. Ice at the Galleria is a five-minute walk from AMLI Uptown. 5 covers admission and skate rental for one visitor. The Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex and Ice Skate Memorial City also host public skating sessions every day.

5. Day trip to the beach

Alright, this requires getting out of Houston. But Galveston’s beautiful beaches can be reached from downtown Houston in as little as an hour. The water may not be that cool, but it should be cooler than the air temperature. Speaking of air temperature, the summer temperature along the coast is usually a few degrees cooler than it is in Houston. Sea breezes, which can make the air feel cooler than it actually is, are also common.

6. Enjoy some of Texas’ finest ice cream

Cucumber and watermelon are refreshing. But if you’re like most people, ice cream is a much more tempting way to cool down. Give in to that temptation once in a while with a cone or cup of your favorite frozen dairy (or non-dairy) treat. Cloud 10 Creamery, The Fat Cat Creamery, and Smoosh Cookie Sandwiches are resident favorites. If gelato is your jam, hit up Gelazzi or SweetCup Gelato. The latter is a five-minute drive from AMLI River Oaks.

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