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A Quaint Place to Get Coffee in Uptown Dallas

Oct 17th, 2018

Finding a great coffee shop in your city is about more than the quality of their drinks. It’s also about the atmosphere, the baristas, where it’s located and other special touches. Nearly every neighborhood has at least one go-to spot to get your caffeine fix, but we all know some are better than others. Houston is lucky to have the Crooked Tree Coffee House, which is within walking distance of AMLI’s apartments in Uptown Dallas. It’s a great place to stop in for your morning coffee, tea or breakfast. Crooked Tree Coffee House will be sure to please coffee lovers and those needing something beyond coffee.

Coffee and espresso

First things first, in order to be a great coffee shop there needs to be some great coffee—and this is one spot that won’t disappoint. They serve both batch-brewed and individually-brewed (french press, Chemex, etc..) coffees. They also make some amazing cold brew and iced coffees. The espresso is single origin-only which makes for some of the incredible tasting macchiatos, cortados, cappuccinos and lattes. All coffee at Crooked Tree is sourced from economically-responsible growers and most of it is even locally roasted.

Beyond coffee

If you’re not in the mood for coffee, Crooked Tree Coffee House has a wide range of loose leaf tea, chai, Italian soda, hot chocolate, fruit spritzers and other seasonal specialties. All the teas available come from a company called Zakti, which sources its teas from a mixture of small family-owned farms and large operations passionate about the quality and purity of black, white, green and blended teas.


With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you can’t skip the food at Crooked Tree Coffee House. They sell pastries such as scones, cinnamon rolls, banana and pumpkin bread all made by local bakery Zenzero. They also have fresh sandwiches and Tacodeli tacos in the morning during the week and Hypnotic Donuts on the weekends. Along with breakfast options, you can also grab a sweet treat such as chocolate chip cookies or gourmet chocolate bars.


The vibe of a coffee shop is one of the most important aspects when deciding where to go to get your caffeine for the day. After recently completing renovations, Crooked Tree Coffee House now has an even more eclectic and comfortable feel inside. Sit at a classic coffee shop-type table, or try the couches or seating available outside on the back patio and enjoy free Wi-Fi. If you’re in a hurry, drink your coffee at the standing bar right where the espresso is served. Chat with one of their friendly baristas for the perfect start to any day.

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2414 Routh St.

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coffee in uptown dallas

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