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About Amazon's Second Go Store in Downtown Seattle
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About Amazon's Second Go Store in Downtown Seattle

Aug 29th, 2018

It’s no surprise the tech giant continues to expand. Amazon has opened a second Go store in downtown Seattle, and it’s easily accessible from any of AMLI’s downtown Seattle apartments. This store is the second checkout-free location—meaning no lines and no cashiers!

The store is smaller than the original version—approximately 1,450 square feet, versus the first store which is 1,800 square feet. The second location is on the first floor of the Madison Centre, a 36-story high-rise that opened in late 2017. You can find it right across from the Seattle Central Library in downtown.

Rather than having the typical checkout lines with cashiers, customers at Amazon Go scan their phones—using the Amazon Go app—upon entry. Customers then pick up their items from the shelves as depth sensors and colored cameras follow them around the store. Customers are then automatically charged for their purchases on the payment card they have on file. Human employees will also be on-site and available if needed. Upon leaving the store, an email receipt is sent to the customer summarizing their purchase.

Expansion rumors began almost as soon as the first store was rolled out. Looking at the Madison Centre building from across the street, you can see the signature Amazon Go slogan through the windows, “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)”

Grocery options in downtown Seattle have been pretty limited for a while, with only Pike Place Market, Kress and City Target. While the new store does not have grocery staples such as milk and eggs, it does have fresh-made takeaway items and food made by an Amazon kitchen facility nearby. The new Go Store comes an excellent time and will add to the food options available at a higher level of convenience.

The first Amazon Go store, which is just a short bike ride or walk from AMLI’s SLU apartments, drew huge crowds. In the first weeks and still to this day, the store’s “Just Walk Out” technology has remained without any major issues. This new way of making purchases could change the way we shop in the near future with the ability to track shoppers and charge them accordingly.

Amazon has since announced that it will be expanding Amazon Go to San Francisco and Chicago—although there are no dates as to when those stores will be opening. There are also reports that Amazon plans to open as many as six additional Go stores beyond the original Seattle locations.

The new Go stores are a part of a larger plan by Amazon to move into the physical retail market, including its recent acquisition of Whole Foods, its Amazon Books stores and AmazonFresh Pickup location.

Amazon Go’s first location:
2131 Seventh Ave.
open daily from 7am-9pm

Amazon Go’s second location:
920 Fifth Ave.
7am-7pm Monday-Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday

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About Amazon's Second Go Store in Downtown Seattle

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