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Appreciating What's Around You: Denver as a Design Destination

Sep 25th, 2013

With undeniable natural beauty, a stunning skyline, fresh air, great job prospects, and a relatively low cost of living, it is no surprise that the City of Denver and some of its nearby communities have garnered the attention of Americans everywhere who are seeking the good life.  In addition to a clean and healthy environment, Denver provides its residents with world-class dining options, shopping facilities that cater to tastes and budgets across the spectrum, and a sports-and-entertainment scene that is almost unrivaled among cities of Denver’s modest size.  Fueling one of the fastest rates of urban growth is the city’s beauty, both natural and architectural. To learn about the man-made treasures that make the city a must-visit destination for design lovers from around the globe, which range from the region’s busiest air transport hub to luxury downtown Denver apartments, continue reading below.

Denver International Airport

Denver’s collection of noteworthy design begins upon entry to the city for most out-of-town visitors at Denver International Airport.  Residents, the next time you find yourself feeling aggravated because you are held up behind a long line of passengers at security or your flight is delayed, take a deep breath and try to appreciate the engineering and design marvel that surrounds you. Designed by Frentress Bradburn Architects, the Jeppeson Terminal’s peaked roof is evocative of both the majestic Rockies that surround the city and the teepees that the state’s Native American ancestors used to reside in. Insightful works of art by talent local and international decorate the interior of all the building’s main areas.

Denver Art Museum

With a first-rate collection of works totaling nearly 70,000, the Denver Art Museum is definitely worthy of a visit by all those who visit or live in Denver.  Even if it didn’t have some of the region’s finest examples of indigenous artwork, the museum would warrant a visit on account of its architecture alone.  The museum’s exhibition space consists of several buildings designed by world-renowned architects over a span of more than fifty years.  The latest addition is the brainchild of esteemed American architect Daniel Libeskind and Davis Partnership architects.  Its designers’ sharp lines and creative use of modern materials are capable of impressing even the most rigid traditionalists.

Arapahoe Acres

For those whose design interests are largely residential, Arapahoe Acres offers a full day of architectural appreciation.  Built in the mid-20th century California style, the 50 intact Usonian homes that can be found in Arapahoe Acres are an essential part of the Denver design tour.

Denver Millennium Bridge

Upon spotting the Denver Millennium Bridge from a distance, a visitor to the city could be forgiven for believing that a raging river rushes right through downtown Denver.  While it is railroad tracks and the light rail rather than a river over which the bridge is mounted, the bridge is as functional and impressive as most modern-day river bridges.   The bridge itself, which connects the bustling 16th Street Mall Downtown area to Denver’s Lower Downtown (LoDo) district, is low lying: it never rises more than 25 feet above street level.  The bridge’s emblematic steel mast, however, shoots 200 feet high into the Denver skyline.

Clyfford Still Museum

Constructed as a space in which to honor and showcase the work of Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still, the Still Museum is undoubtedly one of the most visually appealing structures in the Denver Arts District.  All 28,500 square feet of this two-story building reek of the design genius that is Brad Cloepfil.  With Allied Works Architecture, Cloepfil has created a simultaneously simple and bold space for the appreciation of Still’s work.  With its concrete-heavy makeup and open disposition, the Clyfford Still Museum was given a warm embrace as it worked its way into the cityscape in late 2011.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Designed by British architect David Adjaye, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver is housed in an attractive corner box in the Central Platte Valley.  This 27,000 hunk of industrial-grade building materials was skillfully assembled  skillfully assembled to complement the museum visitor’s viewing experience.  In addition to its artfully integrated building exterior and ideal exhibition space, the museum offers several comforts that were etched into its masterful design.  These include evaporative cooling for warm summer days and radiant heating can help warm winter visitors shortly after arrival.

With this list of must-see architectural achievements for design lovers living in LoDo apartment rentals to visit, we are only scratching the surface of Denver’s architectural splendor.  With choices uptown, downtown, and throughout the Denver, CO metropolitan area, AMLI Residential does more than offer Denver residents looking to live near their favorite architectural structures with the opportunity to do so.  Our newest apartment complexes, including AMLI Park Avenue and AMLI Riverfront Park, are also examples of the cutting-edge design for which the Denver area is known.  Visit our website for visually stimulating images and information about the amenities and perks AMLI Residential’s new downtown Denver apartment residents enjoy.


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