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Atlanta Through Its Parks: A Tour of Some of the City’s Best Green Spaces

May 28th, 2013

Home to a beautiful skyline, a thriving cultural scene, and the world’s busiest airport for 15 years running, the Atlanta Metropolitan area certainly has a lot to offer.  Not all of the city’s jewels are made of concrete and steel, however.  Atlanta boasts a network of parks that provide luxury apartment residents of all ages and recreational persuasions with a place to enjoy nature without having to get out of the city.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Incorporated in 1976, Atlanta’s Botanical Garden is home to one of the nation’s finest collections of plants and flowers, maintained for purposes of public education and enjoyment.  Entrance to the botanical garden is not free to the public as the city’s parks are, but the cost of admission enables visitors to enjoy the beautifully manicured gardens and the seasonal exhibits that are organized and held to much fanfare.  AMLI Lindbergh, AMLI Parkside, and AMLI Old 4 Ward are all luxury apartment communities located a short distance from the gardens.

Piedmont Park

Located adjacent to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Piedmont Park has been Atlanta’s preeminent green space since the Piedmont Exposition was held there in 1887.  The park gained regional recognition after hosting the Cotton States Expo in 1895.  A beautiful 189-acre nature lover’s paradise located just around the corner from the heart of Atlanta’s bustling downtown, Piedmont Park boasts some of the finest views of the city’s skyline.  Equally beautiful in its green-clad early summer glory and blanketed in a light layer of Southern winter snow, there is no denying Piedmont Park’s excellence.  Residents of AMLI’s Lindbergh, Parkside, and Old 4 Ward luxury apartments also enjoy close proximity to this 19 century urban green space masterpiece.

Centennial Olympic Park

A mile southwest of Piedmont Park lies another popular central Atlanta green space.  Built for the Games in 1996, Centennial Olympic Park today is home to outdoor musical performances and Atlanta’s most ebullient Independence Day festivities.

Morgan Falls Overlook Park

This vast green space is located smack dab in the center of a circle of luxury apartment communities, next to the Chattahoochee River.  Morgan Falls is a park for nature loves, for outdoor enthusiasts, for weekend warriors, and for anyone looking to enjoy some fresh air in a quiet setting.  Centered around Orkin Lake, Morgan Falls Overlook Park straddles the Big Tree Forest Reserve; offers a hiking trail; and bans music and other loud activities.

Woodruff Park

If you work downtown and crave quick reprieves from the business-centered atmosphere of the office, escape to Woodruff Park with a sandwich during lunch.  It’s not at green as some of the parks in Atlanta’s system, but Woodruff Park’s location cannot be beat.  It also boasts an attractive curved fountain and a handful of Atlanta’s iconic sculptures.  If Woodruff Park’s six acres disappoint, you always know what you can expect from the big parks closer to your luxury apartment community.  Remind yourself of that during lunch, and life will be good. 

Regardless of whether you live right downtown or in a luxury apartment home closer to Alpharetta or Sandy Springs, there is a park not far from your Atlanta area home.  The next time you are itching to experience a bit of nature but you’re not in a position to just take off for the weekend, call up your friends and rendezvous at one of the parks this beautiful City in a Forest has to offer.  Residents of some of AMLI’s apartments are blesses to live a stone’s throw away from some of the city’s parks, but even those who don’t live right next to a park can enjoy the attractive, well-maintained grounds of their living communities at all times.

What are you doing today?  If you don’t have plans, why don’t you head out to Piedmont Park for a cookout or call up some friends for a game of Frisbee on your apartment grounds.  At AMLI, our motto is “Live Life + Love Life.”  And we want our residents to do just that.


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