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Best Brunch in Downtown Austin
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Best Brunch in Downtown Austin

Dec 21st, 2015

Are you looking for a new place to have Sunday brunch with friends? Are you someone who rarely goes out to brunch but has family or friends visiting and wants to show them the best downtown Austin experience they can have?

From tried-and-true standbys to recently opened restaurants that have garnered loads of attention, this list is our best attempt to help you find a place you and everyone in your party will love.

Due Forni

This Italian restaurant, located a half mile from AMLI on 2ND and AMLI Downtown, started serving brunch a little over a year. The brunch menu has proven a huge hit. Due Forni’s specials include a brunch pizza featuring bacon, sausage, egg, and calabrian pepper; a breakfast sandwich with fontina cheese on fresh-baked bread; and a frittata with roasted cremini mushrooms, cheese, egg, and truffle crema. Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s complement the dishes nicely.

Lambert’s Downtown BBQ

Lambert’s Downtown BBQ, a trusted Austin standby, has a brunch buffet so decadent many people who feast here feel little need to eat anything else all day. The venue is upscale, the food top-of-the-line, and the brunch cocktails as good as any. Steak benedict, pork ribs, pastries, and mac ‘n’ cheese are a few of the dishes you can indulge in at this downtown Austin brunch spot. Lambert’s is just two blocks from both AMLI on 2ND and AMLI Downtown.


Also serving brunch on Sundays, laV near Gardner is worth checking out. Hailed by The Chronicle as a new contender for the honor of Austin’s best restaurant, laV has a French-Texan fusion feel that yields some interesting and delightful dishes. The honey cheddar scones, white bean cassoulet, crepes, and truffled egg tartine all receive rave reviews.

Licha’s Cantina

If you’re craving a south-of-the-border style brunch, Licha’s Cantina is likely to satisfy. Tortas, salmon ahumado, ceviche, and loaded corn cake cups are among the brunch items that vie for your attention on the menu. Licha’s, located just east of downtown, is a ten-minute walk from the downtown Austin apartments at AMLI Eastside.

Veracruz All Natural Food Truck

Have you ever been served brunch from a truck? At Veracruz All Natural on Cesar Chaves at Chalmers, you can try for the first time. This downtown Austin brunch truck offers a new experience in more ways than one, as it’s only been available since October. Chilaquiles and picadas are the two main brunch items to consider.

The next time you make plans to feast on brunch, consider these downtown Austin locales. They’re pretty impressive, and several of them are within walking distance of downtown Austin. Just make sure you have good company and either arrive early or secure a reservation (if available), unless you really don’t mind waiting.

What’s your favorite Austin brunch spot?

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