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Coffee in Austin: Finding the World's Finest Beans

Feb 5th, 2014

Austin, Texas prides itself on a number of things, chief among them being its weirdness and live music offerings. Not far down the list, however, is the pride of roasting first-class beans and brewing some of the finest coffee anywhere in the country. We found a handful of the city’s most beloved coffee shops where you can get your morning (or afternoon) fix.

Austin Java

With three Central Austin locations and eight cafes throughout the Austin area, Austin Java epitomizes the laid-back coffee house. Here, you are welcome to wake up over an americano and the newspaper with your dog at your side, you can order breakfast all day long, and you can even listen to (drum roll, please!) live music. The only thing not laid back about this place is the seriousness with which they take their coffee brewing. The original Austin Java shop is located at 12th and Lamar.

Caffe Medici

Another stellar coffee shop with three Central Austin locations, Caffe Medici is an established and amenable purveyor of locally-roasted beans. While the atmosphere at each of Caffe Medici’s locations is nice, what really draws locals to this espresso house time and time again is the indescribably good coffee it serves. To learn more about Caffe Medici’s brewing process or view of schedule of live music shows and other planned events, visit their website.

Dominican Joe

Dominican Joe is an excellent place to grab a cup of steaming hot coffee at any time of day. It is also one of those cafes with a greater purpose. The company’s primary supplier, Makarios, is committed to helping coffee growers in the Dominican Republic make a good, honest living so they can afford to take care of their family. Every time you buy a cup of coffee at Dominican Joe, you help a Dominican or Haitian farmer earn a better living. With more seating than many other coffee shops in Central Austin, this cafe is also a place you can sit and write for hours, same coffee cup in hand, without being made out to feel like a mooch.

Thunderbird Coffee

If a fair-trade label is no longer good enough for you, then head over to Thunderbird Coffee for a direct-trade cup of joe that will leave you with no doubt about the compensation and working conditions of everyone whose brawn, brains, or experience went into said cup. While direct-trade coffee has become fairly popular in egalitarian-minded Austin, at least among coffee shop types, something that truly sets Thunderbird Coffee apart from its competition is its ability to simultaneously brew cosmic coffee and stellar beer. If you live in Central Austin, Thunderbird’s Manor Road location is probably the most convenient for you.

With first-rate coffee from the world’s finest coffee growing regions, tasty treats, and atmospheres ideal an all-day work space alike, these shops are certainly some of Austin’s finest. If you need a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon jolt, or an evening energizer, abandon your Central Austin apartment home for a few hours and visit one of Texas capital’s many first-rate coffee shops.

What’s your favorite Austin coffee shop?

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