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Five Great Date Spots in Evanston
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Five Great Date Spots in Evanston

Sep 14th, 2015

Living life in or near the big city often translates into little time for dating or maintaining a relationship. But if you’re striving for success in all areas of your life, it’s important to set aside time for that special someone. Since the right environment can have an impact on the quality of time you spend with someone, it’s important to choose the settings for your dates carefully.

Whether you want to impress someone on a first date or treat your long-time love to a romantic evening on the town, this list of Evanston date spots is worth checking out before you plan your next night out.


Something about Italian food seems inherently romantic. At Campagnola, an upmarket Italian restaurant a three-minute walk from AMLI Evanston, an intimate setting takes this romantic appeal to the next level. Make a reservation for two, and enjoy delectable cuisine prepared with local, organic ingredients while giving your relationship the TLC it needs.


If you want to celebrate a milestone anniversary or reignite the spark that’s been dampened by the demands of work and everyday life, Oceanique should be on your radar. Mouthwatering cuts of wild Alaskan king salmon, Maine scallops, and petite oysters, all arranged with an eye for beauty and precision, can help you forget about the stress of life and focus on your loved one. Open for 27 years, Oceanique is just a five minute walk from AMLI Evanston.

The Stained Glass Bistro

A five-minute drive from AMLI Evanston, The Stained Glass is a great place for a first date. The New American restaurant’s stylish, unpretentious atmosphere and attractive spreads of healthy, locally sourced food make it the sort of place you can imagine becoming a regular haunt. As far as beverages are concerned, this upscale bistro doubles as a wine bar and has an impressive menu of globally-influenced cocktails.

Found Kitchen and Social House

A relatively new entrant to the Evanston culinary scene, Found Kitchen and Social House has made a splash among foodies and romantics not only in Evanston but throughout the Chicago area. Restaurateur Amy Morton takes as much pride in the atmosphere and decor as she does in the food. The decor is marked by repurposed furniture, vintage books, and memorabilia. A heavy emphasis on globes symbolizes the international influence on Found’s menus, which features cooking styles and spices associated with regions from Napa to Japan.

Found does not accept reservations, which makes this a hit-or-miss first date spot.

Tapas Barcelona

Bacon-wrapped dates, paella, Catalan pizza, and Spanish tempranillo make Tapas Barcelona an easy place to get lost in great conversation with your main squeeze. Reasonable prices and a staff famous for being friendly further contributes to the restaurant’s pleasant atmosphere. The patio at Tapas Barcelona is probably one of the most romantic outdoor settings in all of Evanston. Make a reservation as soon as possible so you can enjoy sangria on Tapas’ picturesque patio before it closes for the winter.

Life is full of demands. If you’re fortunate to have a loving partner to help you navigate life’s ups and downs, carve out time to nurture your relationship. Living in Evanston Place apartments, you have a number of options near your doorstep.

What are your favorite Evanston date spots? Let us know in the comments.

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