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Four Unforgettable Everglades Adventures
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Four Unforgettable Everglades Adventures

Jan 4th, 2016

Mystic, majestic, and marvelous, the Florida Everglades are something everyone should try to experience at least once. Covering more than one million acres, the stunning natural park has an abundance of space and several educational, fun, and healthy activities to choose from.

Here are several we recommend, all feasible as day- or weekend-trips from the luxury apartments at AMLI Doral.

Canoe or Kayak off Cape Sable

Canoeing and kayaking are permitted in many Everglades waterways. Cape Sable, an isolated part of Florida’s southern tip, is absolutely stunning to canoe through. It can give you a feel for what some of Florida’s most developed beach communities might feel like were the land never touched by humans. Other Everglades canoe trails include Nine Mile Pond, Hell’s Bay, and Noble Hammock. If you want a different way to get your fun in the water, consider paddle boarding or taking an AirBoat tour.

Hike through Big Cypress National Preserve

The Florida Everglades are home to more than 100 miles of hiking path. Big Cypress National Preserve, just an hour’s drive west on Highway 41 from AMLI Doral, features more than 40 miles of trail all on its own. This is a great part of the park for camping and animal watching. Rare birds, otters, bobcats, water moccasins, and the extraordinary Florida panther have all been spotted here.

From less than a mile to a connected trail totaling more than 50 miles, the Everglades have hiking for everyone. Some paths are wheelchair-friendly. Others are fit for intrepid trekkers to tackle over the course of two or three days. Check the National Park Service’s website to see if any trails you’re considering are closed or haven’t been maintained in a while.

Watch Birds Migrate

Watching a flock of sparrows or crows navigate the sky together as they seek a different seasonal climate can be inspiring. Watch a flock of rare, beautifully colored birds migrate together, and you’ll likely be revising your list of the most awe-inspiring things you’ve ever seen. Sanibel, on the western fringe of the Everglades, has a reputation as the best spot for bird watching. You should, however, be able to witness birds making their great migration from just about anywhere in the Everglades, provided it’s the right season.


SCUBA diving is not on everyone’s bucket list. But if it’s on yours, the Florida Everglades are an excellent place to go for a first dive. The mild water makes diving comfortable year-round. The Everglades and Florida Keys boast impressive visibility and considerable biodiversity. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, right on Florida’s “coral necklace,” is a great place to plan a dive or snorkelling trip.

Living in South Florida, you have more of an opportunity to take advantage of the Everglades than almost anyone else on earth. If you love nature, reflect on which of these activities is best for you.

What have you done in Florida’s Everglades? Leave a comment to recommend your favorite activity.

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