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Good Summer 2017 Eats in South Lake Union

Aug 14th, 2017

Six or seven years ago, South Lake Union residents complained that there were few quality dining options in the neighborhood. South Lake Union’s culinary scene has since exploded, propelling the neighborhood into the ranks of the best Seattle neighborhoods for eating. If you’re looking for something good to eat, here’s a list of the hottest places in South Lake Union to grab a bite.

Bar Harbor

Serving as gateway to the majestic mountains and cliffs of Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine has substantial appeal as a tourist destination. Bar Harbor in South Lake Union, a relatively new seafood restaurant, has substantial appeal as a dining destination. Owner Ben Hodgetts, a Maine native, takes pride in the restaurant’s revered lobster roll. Chowders (bacon and clam, corn), oysters from the Pacific and Atlantic, and cheeseburger tartare are other popular menu items. Bar Harbor is less than five minutes’ walk from AMLI 535.

The Butcher’s Table

There’s more to the appeal of this butcher-shop-cum-steakhouse than its prime location on the southern edge of South Lake Union. The subterranean dining room provides a sophisticated atmosphere for enjoying Mishima Reserve American wagyu beef. If you’d rather cook steak in your own apartment, you can pick up premium cuts of beef at the street-level butcher shop. Other street-level offerings include a raw bar and grab-and-go lunch counter, where you can pick up mouthwatering sandwiches and salads between 11:30am and 3pm. The Wagyu beef sandwich, a brisket roll topped with slaw and smothered with delectable homemade BBQ sauce, is exceptionally popular.

Cantine Bottle Shop and Bar

The first of three new Huxley Wallace Collective restaurants on our list, Cantine’s specialties are beer and quality pub grub. Even in a place that takes its beer as seriously Seattle, Cantine’s beer selection stands out. A dry-hopped sour, blood orange cider, and 13% alcohol imperial stout are among its 19 beers on tap. Another 50 or so beers, most of them regional and several of which are obscure, constitute Cantine’s bottle list. On the provisions front, indulge in artisanal olives, stuffed banana peppers, a beet salad, calamari, or meat and cheese board.


Racha and Wassef Haroun’s Middle Eastern restaurant Mamnoon stands out like few others. Their new cocktail bar and restaurant, mBar, promises to leave a similar mark. A collaboration with esteemed chef Jason Stratton (Mamnoon, Spinasse, and Aragona), mBar’s food is of the highest caliber. Add to that a superb cocktail menu and awe-inspiring views, and success seems like a no-brainer. Since opening last September, mBar’s partially covered deck, designed for comfortable use in most types of weather, has gotten a lot of attention. mBar is a four-minute walk from AMLI’s South Lake Union apartments.

Poulet Galore

The second Huxley Wallace Collective restaurant on our list is only open for weekday lunch, from 11am to 2:30pm. And its menu is limited. Rotisserie chicken is the name of Poulet Galore’s game, and the South Lake Union restaurant plays it well. If you don’t want a bone-in bird (or half of one) all to yourself, your other options are a rotisserie chicken sandwich and a rotisserie chicken caesar salad. Poulet Galore shares a space with sister restaurants Cantine and Vestal at 513 Westlake, a few blocks from AMLI South Lake Union and AMLI 535.


An open hearth and colossal chef’s counter serve as the dual focal point at Vestal, a restaurant that pays homage to the Pacific Northwest’s fresh ingredients and culinary traditions. Vestal is the the most high-end of South Lake Union’s new trio of Huxley Wallace Collective establishments. It’s also a project celebrated Seattle chef Josh Henderson cares deeply about. Splurge here for innovative dishes using the finest local ingredients.

White Swan Public House

The White Swan Public House is a gastropub that scores high marks when it comes to atmosphere, food, service, drinks, and views. The locally-sourced menu is relatively diverse, and includes some exceptionally memorable seafood dishes. Poutine o’ the Sea (poutine topped with clams and chowder) and the seafood chowder are especially in vogue. This treat of a waterfront restaurant is just a 10-minute walk from AMLI 535.


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