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Take advantage of all Disneyland has to offer with this quick guide.
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How to Make the Most out of a Trip to Disneyland

Nov 30th, 2016

Disneyland offers a world of opportunities for families to explore and enjoy. As a result, it’s a popular destination for family vacations lasting up to a week in duration. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you’re more likely to visit Disneyland on day trips. This is especially the case if you live at apartments near Disneyland in Anaheim or nearby Orange. Here are some tips that can help you get the most from your time and money.

Order tickets in advance

Buy tickets for your family online at Disneyland Resort’s website. This will spare you from having to wait in line at the ticket window. It could also help you secure discounts not available when purchasing tickets at the park.

Set realistic goals and expectations

Disneyland has eight themed lands featuring more than 60 attractions. The park spans 85 acres. It’s unrealistic to think you can experience everything the park has to offer in one day. Depending on how busy the park is, how determined you are, and how early you arrive, you just might be able to come close.

Arrive at the park with a plan. Familiarize yourself with common Disneyland traffic patterns. Know which rides are musts. Know which characters your children will most want to meet and take photographs with. Check the day’s event schedule for times and locations of shows you want to see. And read up on attractions undergoing maintenance so you don’t spend time walking to all the way across the park only to discover they’re closed.

Start early

If your family’s schedule allows for it, try to be one of the first groups into the park. Once inside, hurry to an attraction with notoriously long wait lines, like Pirates of the Caribbean or Space Mountain. Knocking out a big attraction early on will start your day off on a productive note. If possible, visit Disneyland on a weekday when school is in session. It will help you pack much more into your day.

Consider Fastpass and similar services

Read up on Disneyland’s Fastpass and Rider Switch services when planning your day at Disneyland. With Fastpass, you can reserve a place in line for certain rides later on in the day. If you’re at the park with small children, look into Rider Switch as well. It enables the adults in your party to take turns riding a ride and watching children who are not tall enough or are uninterested in riding. These services are free and invaluable.

Make memories

Your next family trip to Disneyland may only last one day, but the memories you make can last a lifetime. Snap plenty of family photos, and experience for yourself how Disneyland can prove a magical place to adults as well as children. Do your best to enjoy yourself, remain patient, and take breaks when you or others in your family need them. If you live in AMLI Uptown Orange, you’re only a ten-minute drive from the park and can always return.

Feature photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Carterhawk

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