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8 Peach Varieties Grown in Georgia

Mar 1st, 2023

What’s better than a Georgia peach?

Nothing, really.

Except, maybe, a dozen great varieties of peaches grown right here in Georgia! 

Here’s part two to our long list of peach varieties grown in Georgia, including the best times of year to enjoy them all fresh from the farm. 

Types of peaches grown around Atlanta, GA

Polly White

Ripens in: mid July

These peaches are known for their whiter-looking flesh that’s exceptionally sweet. 

This particular Polly White variety was developed in Iowa and can withstand high winds and temperatures well below -20° Fahrenheit. Now, you’re not likely to find many places here in Georgia with that kind of climate, but these cold-hardy peaches absolutely thrive with the southern sunshine and the more humid air. What you end up with is a gorgeously tasty peach with a gentle coloring both inside and out — perfect for baking and canning!


Ripens in: late July

Redskin peaches are a cross between an Elberta peach (which we’ve already explored) and a Redhaven peach, which is another popular freestone peach with fragrant florals and a beautiful flavor. 

These two peaches’ love child — the Redskin — contains the best qualities of both its genetic parents. The tree displays some gorgeous flowers in the early spring season before evolving into medium-large fruits. The peaches’ skins start out yellow before turning a deep red prior to harvest, and the flesh is sweet, firm and juicy. If you’re looking to do some peach picking during the summer, then find a farm that grows these and you won’t be disappointed!

Scarlet Halo

Ripens in: early August

Though this peach resembles a really, really juicy donut, don’t be tempted to dunk it in your morning coffee! And also because donut’s don’t grow on trees, unfortunately. 

These Scarlet Halo peaches are easily recognizable because of their squat, ring shape and bright red skin. Inside, their flesh is sweet with a hint of tartness that gives the peach a slightly plum-ish flavor while still keeping its juicy texture. 


Ripens in: late May

Another great early season variety is this Starlite peach, which ripens in late May to early June. They’re a pretty typical peach variety with a nice, dark exterior and soft, juicy flesh. They are a little clingy, though not in the annoying way — the pit of the peach is a little more attached to the flesh than most peaches, so they’re better for eating right off the tree rather than slicing and baking with. 


Ripens in: early June

The Rubyprince peach is one of the earliest peach varieties to ripen in the state, kicking off Georgia’s peach season with a bang in early June. 

It’s not a particularly large peach, measuring a maximum of three inches in diameter, but it's a great all-around variety. The flesh is sweet, the skin is rich and its fairly juicy, too, making it ideal for snacking, baking and cooking!


Ripens in: early June

If you’re a baker and use fresh peaches in your culinary exploits, then you’ve got to go for the Surecrop peach! They’re another early ripener and are great for snacking on, but Surecrop fruits really shine in the kitchen. Try them on a cobbler, in an ice cream, on a pastry or as a syrup!


Ripens in: mid June

The Suwanee peach is grown all over southern Georgia, as it prefers warmer weather and fewer chilling hours to ripen. 

It’s a great all-around peach that’s sweet, firm and juicy — great for everything from canning to cooking to juicing, baking and more!

White Lady

Ripens in: late July

This pretty peach is gentle in color but bold in flavor. Its skin is a pale-blush pink and the inside is almost completely white, though its sweetness and firmness is nowhere near timid. 

Grab a few White Lady peaches next time you’re at the farmers market during peach season, as they’re great for snacking right then and there. They’re also a good choice for those looking to add a hint of freshness to salads, some sweetness to ice creams and even a kick of flavor to a homemade trail mix! 

If you live in or near our luxury Atlanta apartments and haven’t spent a fortune on local peaches, then you’re missing out! These Georgia-grown varieties are beauties to behold and delicious in every form, so make sure to try as many varieties as you can this upcoming peach season. 

There are also plenty of opportunities to pick your own peaches at local farms, so why not spend a day or a weekend exploring all the peachy goodness that the state has to offer?


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Featured photo courtesy Pixabay/_Alicja

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