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A Quick Guide to Parks in Allandale
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A Quick Guide to Parks in Allandale

Jun 13th, 2016

A safe, quiet neighborhood with convenient access to downtown Austin and The University of Texas, Allandale is widely considered one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods to call home. If you just moved or are considering a move to Allandale, you may be interested in this overview of the neighborhood’s green space.

Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park

Often called simply Northwest District Park, this 30-acre is the crown jewel of Allandale’s small parks network. It’s equipped for fishing, hiking, barbecues, and team play of several major sports. It’s home to the Northwest Municipal Pool; eight baseball fields; basketball, tennis and volleyball courts; and an expansive, well-maintained playground. Northwest District Park also contains a duck pond and four miles of hiking trail.

Shoal Creek Bike Trail

Spanning just under four miles, the Shoal Creek Bike Trail runs the entire length of the Allandale neighborhood, right through Northwest District Park. Sheltering cyclists from busy traffic and dozens of intersections, the trail also makes commuting to downtown Austin by bike a manageable 25-minute ride. Via the trail, the northernmost part of UT’s campus can be reached in 15 minutes. The Shoal Creek Bike Trail is just two minutes from AMLI 5350.

Crestmont Park

A sliver of green space on the creek side of Crestmont Drive, Crestmont Park is a ten-minute walk from AMLI 5350. Crestmont Park is a testament to the adage that big things can come in small packages. Its lush grounds and creekside location make the park feel like a nature refuge. Visit Crestmont Park to check on the progress of the 800 saplings planted by community volunteers on a rainy day in February 2015.

Lucy Read School Park

Open to the public when school is out, Lucy Read School Park is an option for short after-school visits. The park has a playground, basketball court, soccer field, and swings.

Gullett School Park

The Gullett School Park is another option for an after-school playdate. It has a fenced-in playground for pre-K students that is separated by the school from two playgrounds for older children.

Accentuated by its ample green space, Allandale’s suburban feel makes the neighborhood popular among those who want to live near, but not in, downtown Austin. Its parks, trails, good schools, and relatively low population density all contribute to its popularity.

Do you live in Allandale or Brentwood apartments? Write about your favorite neighborhood green space in the comments.

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