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Seven Seattle Food Trucks Every Foodie Should Try
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Seven Seattle Food Trucks Every Foodie Should Try

Sep 8th, 2015

The Seattle food truck scene is out of control. In 2013, four of Seattle’s trucks were listed on The Daily Meal’s rankings of the best food trucks in America. In 2014, Where Ya At Matt made Thrillist’s exclusive nationwide list featuring just 21 food trucks.

If you’re looking for great street eats but are overwhelmed by the array of options, try one of these well-respected Seattle food trucks first. They’ve all been vouched for, again and again and again.

El Camion

Authentic lonchera tacos and abobada (spicy pork) burritos are this Seattle food truck’s claim to fame. El Camion, which has trucks near AMLI Mark24 in Ballard and in South Lake Union, also serves excellent white fish tacos starting at just . If you like Mexican food, El Camion’s is a safe bet for you.

Marination Mobile

Hawaiian-Korean fusion cuisine isn’t easy to find in most parts of the country, but Marination Mobile makes this delicious blend of culinary traditions easy to find. Fan favorites include the kimchi rice bowl, miso chicken tacos, Kalua pork sliders, and SPAM sliders. Marination Mobile’s Harvard Avenue and Pike Street Location is just a five-minute drive from AMLI South Lake Union and AMLI 535.

Maximus / Minimus

Pulled pork with savory BBQ sauce and artfully prepared veggie sandwiches are the domain of this popular food truck. This deli on wheels, which moves around Seattle and Issaquah, is also popular for its chicken sandwich, PNW cheese curds, and feisty slaw. Its most frequent appearances are in Westlake.

Soda Jerk Soda

Soda Jerk Soda is a great place to grab a refreshing or energizing drink. Coffee, lemonade, ginger beer, and, of course, soda, are all available at this Seattle hydration truck. Soda Jerk Soda moves around a lot, but when it’s in Ballard it is stationed only a ten-minute walk from AMLI Mark24.

Where Ya At Matt (WYAM)

New Orleans is known for its flavorful food, and the WYAM food truck has done a great job of bringing those unique southern flavors to the Pacific Northwest. WYAM’s Po’ boys, traditional Louisiana submarine sandwiches, are pretty popular, especially the monster-of-a-‘wich Peacemaker.

Other cajun and creole cuisine that can be found at WYAM include gumbo, jambalaya, the muffuletta, and shrimp and grits. If you’re a fan of cornbread, get a side with your meal. Sweet tooths generally try to save room for dessert. Dessert options include beignets (deep-fried donuts with powdered sugar), sweet potato pie, and pecan pie. WYAM has several locations, including one in Ballard and one near AMLI at Bellevue Park.

Xplosive Mobile Food Truck

Xplosive Mobile satisfies the Seattle street foodie’s Vietnamese and Filipino cravings. Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, banh mi sliders, vermicelli bowls, and tacos loaded with Southeast Asian flavors are all available at the Xplosiv Seattle food truck, which is stationed a five-minute walk away from AMLI 535 and AMLI South Lake Union on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Skillet Food Truck

A gastropub on wheels is what you could call the Skillet Food Truck, usually parked at Harrison and Thomas near Seattle Center. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, and poutine are all on offer at Skillet’s popular counter. If you’re a fan of their food and the the food truck is not convenient for you, the establishment also has diners in Ballard and Capital Hill.

If one of these food trucks appeals to you and is located near your Seattle apartment, take advantage of that proximity and chow down. The food truck craze appears to be here to stay. You might as well get used to it!

Do you have a favorite Seattle food truck? Write about it in the comments.

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