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The Residential Appeal of Naperville, Ill.

Aug 12th, 2013

Chicago has long been called America’s second city, but ask any resident of this Midwestern metropolis and you are sure to hear that Chicago beats New York on all counts. From delectable pizza to a large army of through-thick-and-thin baseball fans, Chicagoland sure does give the City that Never Sleeps a run for its money.  But the appeal of Chicago is not confined entirely to its central urban spaces.  The city has some of the most highly educated, friendly, and livable suburbs in the country.

One of these burbs, Naperville, is the focus of today’s post. Known for its quaint downtown, its award-winning community library, its safety, and its order, it’s no wonder that Naperville is a desirable place to live.  But just what is it that makes Naperville so desirable – desirable enough for AMLI Management to invest in not one but two properties in the Chicago suburb?  Reasons why one AMLI property has a Naperville address and three other AMLI communities are located in the near vicinity include:

A Fascinating History

When Naperville was settled in 1831, Chicago’s population was no greater than 100.  Naper’s Settlement, as the community was called until it was incorporated as a village in 1857, was founded by shipbuilder Joseph Naper after a two-month-long search for the ideal place to call home.  For the first century of its existence, Naperville was very much a rural community.  Some of the settlement’s first buildings, furnished and decorated to bring visitors back in time, are intact and can be viewed by the public at the Naperville Settlement outdoor museum.

DuPage Riverwalk

3.5 miles of paved brick pathway running along the shore of the DuPage River, the Naperville Riverwalk is place where memories are made.  Youngsters in love, families, and retirees all congregate here when the weather is nice to enjoy one another’s company and the best that Napervile has to offer.  Conveniently located to many of Naperville’s finest eateries and ice cream shops, the Riverwalk is a great place for a pre- or post-dinner stroll, with or without a sticky cone in hand.

High Employment

The population boom Naperville experienced during latter part of the 20 century was driven in part by the development of the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor.  The tech jobs that attracted highly-qualified candidates from across the country are still here, and the city’s diverse economy means that there is no shortage of jobs in other sectors as well.  People move to Naperville apartments for work, people stay in Naperville for work, and when people decide to leave one job for another they find that Naperville is a great place to be in the job market.

Low Crime Rate

For years, Naperville has been known as the safest city of its size in the State of Illinois.  This is attractive to homeowners and apartment tenants alike, providing peace of mind and fostering a sense of trust within the community.  A couple of years ago, The Naperville Sun published an article citing a lack of gang violence in the area as one reason incidence of crimes, especially violent crimes, is so low.  Recent arrivals to Naperville frequently cite the city’s safe feel as a reason for moving there.  That safe feel is backed up by authoritative statistics.

Naperville Public Library

A recipient of more accolades that one can easily remember, the Naperville Public Library has been ranked first in its class every year since 1999.  There are three convenient locations in the city, each of which provides a clean, safe, quiet atmosphere for residents of all ages who are looking for a place to study, write or work in peace.

Proximity to Chicago

Since Naperville has so much to offer in its own right, I was hesitant to include this resident benefit. After a bit of consideration, however, that seemed pointless.  People move to and stay in Naperville apartments for many years in large part because of its location.  They want to live near a big city without feeling overwhelmed by skyscrapers and claustrophobic walking in the streets on account of the population density.  They want a community feeling, but they want to have easy access to big-ticket concerts, sporting events, and theater productions.  Just 30 miles away from downtown Chicago and well-connected by train, Naperville allows its residents to have it all: a full-sized house with a yard, a neighborhood where children can run around without cause for concern, and clean air to breathe.

Naperville is close enough to Chicago that it affords residents the opportunity to have everything the big city has to offer.  Yet, when you live in Naperville, there is no need to go into the city every day. Or even every week. Unless you commute in for work, in which case…enjoy the ride.  Naperville is a city full of lovers of life, friendly people born in the Midwestern or flocking from elsewhere who understand the meaning of the word community, and do what they can to make their city nice for themselves and the thousands of others with which they share the land. If curiosity, work, or desire is bringing you to the Chicago area and you want to live in an upscale, low-maintenance apartment, be sure to take a look at AMLI at Naperville.

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