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Tips for Staying Fit When You Can't Hit the Slopes

Mar 22nd, 2017

The Mile-High City is one of the nation’s fittest. In spite of Denver’s active population and proximity to world-class ski resorts, many residents struggle to keep trim and fit during the winter months. If you don’t get to the slopes as often as you’d like and you’re serious about your commitment to staying in shape, here are some tips for staying in prime skiing condition and not having to work too hard to get your beach body ready in time for summer.

Embrace another winter sport

Pursuing passion for a winter sport can make staying in shape over the winter as much fun as it is work. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating are three winter activities that won’t require you to drive as far from your Denver apartment as skiing or snowboarding.

Change up your exercise routine

If early morning runs are your fitness jam but you can’t bring yourself to run in the cold or dark before work in winter, deviate from your routine. If it works with your schedule, try running during peak daylight hours when the weather is sunnier and warm. If you’re used to exercising outside but struggle to keep it regular during winter, give the gym a shot. A lot of gyms offer low introductory rates and other special offers during the winter months.

Go easy on comfort food

Cold weather is often used as a reason, or excuse, to indulge in comfort food. Keep in mind that a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to staying in shape to keep yourself from making every day a cheat day. The next time you want a hot meal, skip the mac ‘n’ cheese in favor of steamed veggies or tomato soup.

Set spring fitness goals

Another way to motivate yourself to work out regularly in winter is to set a major spring fitness goal and work toward it. This could be running a marathon, cycling in a race, or reaching a target weight.

Find a workout partner

A workout buddy can provide the accountability you need to stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals. You’ll be less likely to opt out of a workout at the last minute, and any friendly competition that ensues will benefit you and your workout partner.

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