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What's Hot on Chicago's Museum Campus
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What's Hot on Chicago's Museum Campus

Nov 16th, 2015

It’s starting to get cold outside, but there’s plenty of hot stuff happening in and around Chicago’s South Loop this winter. Chicago’s Museum Campus, one of the richest museum parks in the world, is a great place to escape the weather and enter a new world filled with knowledge and fun.

Here’s what’s happening at each of the institutions on Chicago’s Museum Campus over the next several months, so mark your calendar accordingly!

Adler Planetarium

An architectural marvel in and of itself, the Adler Planetarium boasts a fascinating collection of antique telescopes and other astronomical instruments, hosts space science exhibitions, and lays claim to one of the most storied urban observatories in the world.

This winter, learn what it’s really like to be an astronaut by exploring the Mission Moon exhibition or gain knowledge on the relationship between astronomy and culture with Astronomy in Culture. You can also discover what the sky would look like from your apartment’s rooftop if there were no light pollution or other interference with a visit to the Hidden Wonders room. The Adler Planetarium is a 10-minute drive or a 15-minute bus ride from AMLI Lofts and AMLI 900. The museum offers free admission for Chicago residents several days a year.

Field Museum

One of the largest and most highly esteemed institutions of its kind, the Field Museum of Natural History is a place history buffs and curious intellectuals could visit every day for weeks without feeling like they’ve seen all the museum has to offer. And with special exhibitions opening every month, it’s one of those museums where a membership is definitely something to consider if you enjoy what it has to offer. Special exhibitions currently on display are Underground Adventure, Lichens, City Windows, Cyrus Tang Hall of China, and Mammoths and Mastodons.

The Field Museum is especially family-friendly, with several child-specific exhibitions and activities. Last year, admission was free for the entire month of February. Keep your eyes peeled for information about free dates in 2016.

Shedd Aquarium

Lake Michigan is a mammoth body of water that hosts an array of marine life, but its freshwater content and low winter temperatures do limit what can thrive there. Situated right on the Chicago shore, a mile from AMLI Lofts and AMLI 900, the Shedd Aquarium has done an impressive job of fostering an environment where marine life from a range of climates and ecosystems. More than 32,000 creatures live at the aquarium, spread out over several distinct exhibits.

In addition to the perennial Waters of the World, Caribbean Reed, and Amazon Rising exhibits, Shedd Aquarium’s special amphibian exhibition is open to the public. It features more than 40 fascinating amphibians and is scheduled to run through 2017. Highlights include exotic frogs, salamanders, and rare, serpentine caecilians. The Shedd Aquarium has a few free days coming up later in November, and historically has had several free days in January and February as well.

Chicago’s Museum Campus is truly a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment. The next time you’re trying to come up with a good way to spend a weekend, don’t forget the wonderful institutions highlighted in this post are just a short ride from your South Loop apartments.

What’s your all-time favorite Chicago Museum Campus exhibit? 

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