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Where to Get Great Mocktails in Miami

Jan 31st, 2024

Mocktails are all the rage now, and it’s about time!

Who said craft drinks can only be paired with alcohol? With so much creativity in the mixology world, mocktails are a natural progression in the craft drinks timeline and we are here for it! After all, inclusivity is cool, kids, and there’s no reason the fun has to exclude people who don’t imbibe. 

That being said, as great as mocktails are, they haven’t quite caught on everywhere yet. Sure, you can ask the bartender to make one if they don’t feature it on their drink specials, but it’s way more fun to find some well-thought mocktails that you can dive right into.

Miami’s vibrant culture and bustling nightlife have plenty of room for mocktails to grow into, and here are a few places that have started that journey with a bang!

Best craft mocktails in Miami

Beaker and Gray

This Wynwood favorite is a must-visit for mocktail seekers, since the staff are always happy to craft a zero-proof special alongside their two non-alc offerings. Try their “Lyre Liar Spritz” with Seedlip spice 94, lyre Italian spritz, strawberry, lemon and soda, or their “Aguachile” with seedlip garden 108, pineapple, agave, cilantro, lime and togarashi salt. Both are sure to impress!


This sleek, sexy restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of Chinese classics, and their selection of fruity mocktails are the perfect pairings for their elegant dishes. Be sure to try their “Virgin Hakka,” which is a zero-proof version of their signature drink.

LPM Miami

Channel your inner French-Riviera-self and dine at this light and breezy restaurant that’s about as Mediterranean as it gets. 

Though their mocktail list is a little… short, the one mocktail they have there is really beautiful and worth the trip over. 

“Limonade Noire,” as it's called, is a beautiful creation featuring activated charcoal and rosemary infused honey paired with Verjuice and sparkling water, leaving you with a lemonade unlike any you’ve ever had!

Le Jardinier

Another French restaurant with a glowing reputation, this botanical-forward fine dining spot features two beautiful mocktails: “Le Jardin” is a mojito-like creation, sans rum, and “Ananas” is a breezy pineapple, lime and toasted rice drink that’s certainly one of the more unique mocktails out there. 


Fresh, handmade pasta and high quality local ingredients are the name of the game here at this swanky Italian eatery, and true to form their wine list is about as long as your arm. However, their one mocktail offering is a big hit and well worth the trip to this gorgeous restaurant. The “Lady Antonella” is a complex drink of clover honey, spicy ginger, Figlia N/A aperitivo and lime, creating the perfect pairing for one of Macchialina’s mouth-watering meals.

Paperfish Sushi

Pair your ocean-fresh fish with some stunning mocktails that are well worth the visit to one of these two Miami locations. 

The lemonade-like mocktails here are fruity and light, with one featuring dragon fruit, lime and ginger, and muddled strawberries and cucumber in the other. 


Minigolf, live DJs, table games and an assortment of zero-proof beverages? Sign us up!

There’s a reason there are, like, a million Puttshack locations around the country (well, closer to 22, but you get the picture), so head on over, grab one of their signature zero-proof drinks and have some fun!

The Strand at Carillon Miami

This wellness-centered restaurant has half a dozen well-crafted mocktails for guests to enjoy, ranging from light and fizzy to strong and powerful. 

Sip on a punchy carrot, orange, turmeric and ginger ale bevvy to get your daily dose of vitamin C alongside your appetizers, or cheers on a Gym & Tonic with pink peppercorns, rosemary and Martini and Rossi Vibrante Aperitivo. Channel the islands with a coconutty creation spiced with nutmeg and pineapple, or pucker up for a grapefruit, ginger and hibiscus drink that’s sure to impress.

Go find out how these taste for yourself!

Head out to some of these neat bars and restaurants around our luxury South Florida apartments next time you’re planning a date night or a night out, and see how these mocktails suit you. And if you’re looking for more options, ask the bartender if they can whip up any good creations!


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Featured photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

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